“Sanghamitra”a new initiative to reach out to communities launched

Krishna Yedula, VC Sajjanar, C.Anasuya, Pratyusha Sharma & Krishna Priya lighting lamp launch of Sangamitra a Initiative by SCSC & Cyberabad Police

Hyderabad: Cyberabad Police Commissionerate and SCSC (Society for Cyberabad Security Council) together Launched “Sanghamitra’, a community outreach program here in the city on Saturday

The virtual launch was followed by a webinar which was attended by well over 1000 attendees from different residential communities.

Mr. V.C. Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad and Chairman SCSC; Ms. Amala Akkineni, Animal Welfare Activist; Ms. Namrata Shirodkar, Former Model and Actress; Ms. Vanita Datla, Vice Chairman & Managing Director at Elico Ltd; Ms. C. Anasuya, DCP-Women, Child Safety, Cyberabad Police; Mr. Krishna Yedula, General Secretary, SCSC and Ms. Pratyusha Sharma, Jt. Secretary, Women’s Forum, SCSC graces the launch and answered to the questions of the attendees.

‘Sangamitra, as names suggest is a trusted friend and guide for safer communities, informed Mr. V. C. Sajjanar, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad.

Due to work from home, some women who are working from their respective homes are subjected to domestic abuse, cyber frauds etc. The main objective of this initiative is to help women who are in need of any support from the available ecosystem.

We will train men and women to be Sanghamitras, who in turn will help women in unhappiness situations. The training will commence from 22nd August, Mr. Sajjanar shared.

Chief Guest Amala Akkineni said that she was touched by the initiative which she termed as need of the hour. Sanghamitra is a very significant initiative that women in distress will certainly look up to for help, she added.

Special guest Vanita Datla said Work From Home forced families to cook up within four walls. What happens within the four walls may not always fall in the preview of the police. Sanghamitra can really be a great help to many. As parents, we must certainly teach both girls and boys to respect women. And we must start this from early childhood, Maybe from Kindergarten level and create in developing healthy communities and nation-building. Though this initiative is aimed at IT and IT Corridor, I was told that it would be extended to other sectors as well, she shared.

How apt the name is. In these challenging times, the distressed woman needs a friend, another woman who stands up for her. Sanghamitra will help to prove safe environment for women. Hope all women in distress find a friend in Sanghamitra. She lauded the efforts of Cyberabad Police and SCSC in rolling out the initiative, said Namrata Shirodkar.

Krishna Yedula shared that Sanghamitra is similar to Margadarshak initiative. It will act as a bridge between women, police and law enforcement agencies. He shared the list of various initiatives taken up by SCSC for the past several years.

Cyberabad Police is concerned about the well-being of women and children. This is a brainchild of Commissioner VC Sajjanar. This is a unique model and not found anywhere shared DCP Anasuya.

Pratyusha Sharma shared that Sanghamitra is an effort to create awareness about the various avenues of help that are available to a victim. It is a structured approach to bust some of the myths about Police and Policing. It is an initiative to reach help in a timely and appropriate manner where required. It is an attempt to empower women to take their place in society as equals.

Speaking further Pratyusha Sharma added that “when it comes to abuse, you believe there is no way out. There is always help. There is always a way out”. We at SCSC Women’s Forum believe, “The best thermometer to the progress of a nation is its treatment of its women”, she shared.

During the webinar, Logo, Video Film and Poster of the Sanghamitra initiative was launched by all the guests.

Over 1000 representatives of various communities, residential welfare associations, residents took part in the virtual launch

Sangha of ‘Sanghamitra means community and Mitra, a friend. As the name suggests, it is a friend, who has been equipped with information and knowledge about the various aspects of the law, of redressal mechanism, process and procedures of seeking professional help. And has access to resources to help someone from their community ‘Sangh’ in time of need/distress. She/he will act as the bridge between the community members and the Police as well as the various resources such as helplines, shelter homes, counsellors and others.

It is an initiative of SCSC Women’s Forum. It will be focusing on women’s safety, as a part of a larger outreach effort to connect with residential communities with the objective of creating awareness about the various citizen friendly programs and initiatives of the Police.

With this initiative, we will be able to reach out to people in their homes also. We want citizens to know that there is a help in their time of need, the speakers shared.

Women and children safety is the topmost priority of the Telangana govt and the Telangana Police. Cyberabad Police are constantly looking for ways to offer help and service to women and children. The Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC) is the joint collaboration between Cyberabad Police Commissionerate and the IT industry.

To enroll and become a certified Sanghamitra download shesafe.org and register for an 8-hour 4-week training program which will commence on 22 nd August. The last date for enrolment is 10 Th August.

If a community wants to create a 60 minutes awareness session send an email to crm@scsc.in