SARVA sets up Global Advisory Board; ropes in experts with prior experience at Masterclass, Disney and Spotify

Mumbai, 15th July 2020: SARVA, India’s fastest growing yoga-based wellness ecosystem, has brought onboard experts from various domains onto their global advisory board. The advisory team now includes Jen Yu, Ex-Head of Product @Masterclass; Jeniffer Chang, ex Digital Media, Disney, and Mayur Gupta, a marketing maverick, Ex Spotify, Freshly, Kimberly – Clark. Each of these domain experts will bring their unique skill sets to the table in helping the brand grow.

With over 10 years working on technology design, user journeys, and media, Jen Yu brings an immense pool of knowledge, experience, and customer study to whatever she does. Her previous stints include Director of Product Design at Masterclass, Director of Design at Emerald Cloud Club and she currently runs The Cusp, which she Co-Founded.

Jeniffer Chang is a start-up veteran who has contributed to the success of over 20 early-stage start-ups. She founded TechSparks, a networking group and consultancy for early-stage companies and has also served as the head of operations for a start-up called FanBread where she worked with a lot of Hollywood celebrities and influencers. Some other brands that she helped establish were Perfect Market (Idealab), Haven & NEXT Trucking to name a few. She also co-founded two digital media brands Digital Media Management & Social Vision. A maverick at all things start-up related, Jeniffer gained a lot from her previous professional associations with best in class companies such as Apple, Disney & KPMG.

Mayur GuptaMayur Gupta was the Chief Marketing Officer at Freshly where he was leading a team of marketers to make Freshly an iconic brand and drive breakthrough growth; inspiring every household in America to bring a positive change in their lives by eating healthier each week. At Spotify, Mayur was responsible for growing the free and subscribed user base for the company with growth hacking and data-driven, always-on experiences; among other things. He has also been profiled by the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and the Economist as the model Chief Marketing Technologist in 2014 and was named the top 50 Marketers by Forbes in 2019.

Speaking about this, Sarvesh Shashi, Co-founder, SARVA, said, “We’re at a stage in SARVA where quality growth is of utmost importance. Jen You, Jeniffer Chang, and Mayur Gupta, each bring years of expertise, knowledge, and growth-mindsets and are themselves powerhouses of talent. They each will be mentoring teams across different functions, all of which are pivotal to SARVA’s business. We believe their inputs and experience will not just help the team at Sarva amplify their efforts but also fuel it in the right direction.”

As a homegrown brand, SARVA has been going all-out to bring the benefits of yoga to everyone from Hollywood to Haridwar – in an all-new avatar. While the brand has already been instrumental in making yoga and mindfulness fun, it pivoted to newer heights with its initiatives recently. It is one of the only brands to have garnered global investor interest and support. SARVA is backed by global celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and well-known investors Mark Mastrov and Alex Rodriguez to celebrities, influencers, and experts like Malaika Arora, Aishwaryaa Dhanush, Shikhar Dhawan, Shahid Kapoor, etc.

Jen YuAdding further, Jen Yu, said, “I am excited to be part of a young and growing brand like SARVA which has emerged as a frontrunner in making yoga popular among millennials. Their initiatives in the wake of the pandemic and lockdown to offer live online classes are highly commendable. It is always a pleasure to work with brands that focus their work around customer pain points and come up with appropriate solutions. I hope to utilize my experience and help the brand catapult further.”


Jennifer Chang“During a crucial time in human history, SARVA rose to the challenge and cemented its role in the post-Pandemic world as a leading provider of health and wellness. I decided to join SARVA – as a member as well as a business advisor – because I recognize the immense potential of this unique brand to deliver the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to a global audience,” said Jeniffer Chang.

Mayur Gupta commented, “Driving business growth and user habits while building an authentic, purpose-driven brand has been a passion of mine especially in this growth at all cost world. With the growth and mission SARVA has had, they are already winning at that intersection and impacting lives both in India and globally. There was never a better time to drive awareness and access for mindfulness and meditation as a way of life and as a Buddhist myself I could not have been more excited to be part of that team.”

SARVA recently launched its digital offering, currently divided into 2 categories: Body and Mind. The 3rd category to be launched soon is called Nourish. SARVA’s offerings address millennial fitness needs and the brand is working towards connecting 7 billion breaths. Its recent cool and fun campaign called Yoga+ showcases yoga as a seamless part of various lifestyles, individuals, and professionals.

Through its powerful network of influencers, SARVA has been instrumental in engaging people virtually through various interactive sessions and immunity booster modules in 25 countries including the US, UK, and Italy. SARVA and its women-centric arm DIVA Yoga have a global digital reach of over 200 million. The brands have set out to help people across different countries connect with this holistic practice and achieve the associated benefits.