SEQRITE launches Managed Detection and Response Service HawkkWatch MDR, a round the clock

Pune 23, May 2023: SEQRITE, the enterprise arm of Quick Heal Technologies, is proud to unveil HawkkWatch MDR, an innovative service that helps organizations to respond to cyber-attacks in the shortest possible time. This 24/7 managed detection and response service provides advanced capabilities for securing all attack-prone surfaces of an enterprise, setting a new benchmark for comprehensive enterprise security solutions. As an add-on to HawkkHunt XDR, the path-breaking Extended Threat Detection and Response product of SEQRITE, HawkkWatch MDR provides incident detection, triage, emergency response, and security strengthening services to enterprises. The solution proactively investigates alerts and incidents on hosts, regularly correlating alert attributes with SEQRITE’s Global Threat Intelligence. Additionally, it performs threat hunting and remediation of any identified malware.

HawkWatch MDR’s team of security experts ensures round-the-clock monitoring of networks, endpoints, and cloud environments, identifying and responding to threats before they can cause damage. The fully customizable service updates detection and response automation workflows and rules, incorporating additional capabilities over time to remain up to date with the latest threat trends. It optimizes HawkkHunt XDR to enhance detection, reduce noise, and provide tailor-made reporting and response suitable for enterprises. Furthermore, the service also generates monthly reports on Threat Activity and Response Preparedness & Performance, along with suggestions for training and improvement.

“We are thrilled to introduce HawkkWatch MDR, a game-changing service that empowers organizations to safeguard their digital landscape with unmatched expertise and cutting-edge technology,” said Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Jt. Managing Director and Chief Technology Officer, Quick Heal Technologies.

“Although the HawkkHunt XDR system can automatically detect the majority of threats within organizations, there are instances when highly skilled attackers manage to bypass defenses using sophisticated methods that require the expertise of trained professionals for detection and mitigation. Throughout our years of operation, our security labs have extensively researched these techniques and developed a comprehensive set of detection tools specifically tailored for this purpose. To make this expertise available to our customers, we have assembled a specialized team of Security Engineers who are at the core of our HawkkWatch MDR service. This service takes a proactive and dynamic approach, offering real-time threat detection, swift incident response, and continuous monitoring. Our commitment is to ensure our customers stay ahead of cybercriminals, safeguarding their valuable data and IT assets. HawkkWatch MDR reflects our unwavering dedication to innovation, excellence, customer satisfaction, and the establishment of a more resilient and secure digital future.”, he adds.

HawkkWatch and HawkkHunt XDR customizable services seamlessly integrate with existing cybersecurity tools and solutions through Connector technology. In the event of any critical, crippling, or breach incident reported by HawkkHunt or the customer, the MDR team provides immediate end-to-end investigation, root cause analysis, and endpoint remediation support to the enterprise’s cybersecurity team. The MDR team strictly follows all CSIRT procedures required by law and adheres to strict SLAs in delivering the service.

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