Servotech Power Systems files Two Patents for Energy Management Technologies

Servotech Power Systems files Two Patents for Energy Management TechnologiesNew Delhi, 25 October 2023:  Servotech Power Systems, a leading manufacturer of EV chargers and solar solutions, has announced that it has filed two patents for innovative energy management technologies in order to facilitate grid service optimization through a battery energy storage system and to effectively channel renewable energy into BESS for maximum value, enabling the transition to sustainable energy. These innovations will transform energy management and will improve overall efficiency.

The first patent, titled “System and Method for Controlling Load Shifting by Third Party” relates to a system and method for enabling third-party entities to control load shifting in a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The technology allows third-party entities, such as utilities or aggregators, to optimize the use of BESS assets to provide grid services. The second patent, titled “System and Method for Effective Energy Channelization from a Renewable Energy Source” relates to a system and method for effectively channelling energy from a renewable energy source, such as solar or wind, into a BESS. The technology optimizes the use of renewable energy by ensuring that it is stored in the BESS when it is most valuable.

Both of these cutting-edge technologies possess applicability across a broad spectrum of fields, including solar and electric vehicle charging systems. The technologies are covered under two pending applications.

“We are thrilled to unveil the submission of these two patents. These technologies epitomize significant advancements in the realm of energy management, poised to be pivotal in making a significant contribution toward a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Most importantly, these patents reflect our commitment to driving sustainable energy practices and showcase our dedication to innovation”, said Arun Handa, Chief Technology Officer at Servotech Power Systems Ltd.