Simcona Emphasizes Sourcing & Procurement Services for 2021

Simcona Emphasizes Sourcing & Procurement Services for 2021

The company makes their mark as an extension of customers’ supply chain business processes.

Rochester, NY : In 2021, Simcona Electronics Corporation will promote the company’s future direction and focus: Simcona is your sourcing and procurement expert, delivering engineering, logistics, inventory management and manufacturing services. The message is new while the services have been in place for many years.

For over 50 years, Simcona has served as a trusted partner for sourcing and procuring electrical and mechanical components for manufacturing companies across the United States. Having mastered traditional product distribution early on, Simcona found its niche by listening to customers who valued how Simcona became an extension of their supply chain business processes.

What makes the company an expert in sourcing and procurement? Simcona works with thousands of suppliers globally. In the last 10 years, the company has purchased from more than 15,000 different suppliers. “We know from experience how to work with suppliers to get the components and assemblies that our customers need, when they are needed,” offers Marc Iacona, CEO at Simcona. “And they work extra hard with us knowing that Simcona can bring them new business.”

With over 200 combined years of procurement expertise, Simcona’s people are dedicated to serving the needs of today’s busy consumer. Simcona is all about enabling the customer by utilizing their expertise in sourcing and procurement, their people, and relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Simcona leads with action. Recently, a Chinese manufacturing operation for a global medical device company had stopped production. The problem was that the overseas supplier was not able to produce a custom cable used in their product. The company contacted Simcona and their sourcing experts immediately called multiple custom cable suppliers in their network of manufacturing partners. “We found a source, built a sample cable, and the customer approved the sample, all within a couple weeks of the call,” says Simcona’s Vice President, Dawn Bertman. Production shipments started in only 6 weeks from the day the initial call for help was received. Bertman adds, “Simcona’s quick response and technical expertise helped restart production so our (new) customer could get revenue flowing again. We look forward to a long-term relationship and more opportunities to help in a pinch.”

Simcona’s sourcing consultants are available for no obligation consultations. They can help you source and procure electrical and mechanical components and assemblies, locate scarce and hard-to-find items, expedite delivery, find second sources to assure your supply, and help with many other mission-critical requirements.