Snowflake enhances data analytics for Adda52

Darshan Shashidhara, Head, Data Science & Analytics, Adda52
Darshan Shashidhara, Head, Data Science & Analytics, Adda52

New Delhi, India – Snowflake, the Data Cloud company announced today, a collaboration with Adda52, owned by Gaussian Networks, a gaming company that features games such as Poker, Rummy, Chess, Scrabble, Golf, and Pool. Under this collaboration, Adda52 will leverage Snowflake’s DataCloud for data sharing and storage to fast-track time-to-delivery for their business.

By enabling flexible querying and easy optimisation of business data, Snowflake has provided a platform for better management of large workloads for Adda52, empowering the company to scale rapidly with improved focus on delivery, faster implementation, and reduced bottlenecks in the process of prototyping new ideas.

During the pandemic, as people were looking for new means of entertainment, Adda52 witnessed a remarkable increase in recreational or casual gamers from their initial segment of serious gamers. It wanted to tap on this emerging opportunity to widen its user base and channelise this new segment of casual gamers towards becoming long-term users. For this, it was important to micro-segment user data based on different user preferences across age groups and evaluate the kind of gamification and incentives to be given for recreational gamers compared to serious gamers.

To enable this, Snowflake stepped in as the data platform to support Adda52’s data lake needs. Wherein, huge amounts of player-related data and engagement patterns in the form of microtransactions coming from over 5-6 million games played on the platform per day, are stored and transformed seamlessly, to be accessed by all the required stakeholders at a micro-level in near-real time.

With the rising inflow of raw data and the need for a faster turnaround on queries to grow the platform, Adda52 required a data partner to natively handle and streamline data from various sources across the gaming platform. Darshan Shashidhara, Head, Data Science & Analytics at Adda52 said, “We were in need of a platform that could handle the large data workloads without timing out. With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, we are inherently able to convert raw data to structured data, ensure more flexibility, and see consistent outcomes with existing skill sets and data resources in our team, without rushing to fill skill gaps. Simply with SQL-efficient team members and Snowflake’s Data Cloud, we are able to achieve high performance-driven data structuring and analytics. Hence, the ROI that our clients derive from our data teams has also grown.”

“As an organisation, we were structured with our data-capture but leveraging data was a challenge. Snowflake has taken up massive analytical heavy lifting to empower us with integrated insights from over seven to eight years of historic data, faster and with higher impact. Today, we have a more matured data engineering team in place with scripting knowledge, R and Python resources, and we are looking forward to benefiting further from Snowflake’s advanced capabilities including ML features to create and implement a structured data pipeline. Snowflake’s comprehensive offerings will allow our data teams to carry well-evaluated analysis, fast innovation, experiment and test more, fail fast and achieve success faster.” he added.

With this partnership, Adda52 is able to explore and evaluate new campaigns simultaneously to engage more customers and expand faster. They can compare their past and current performance and access skill development sessions through targeted ads. This enables enhancement of value and experience for users along with businesses. Snowflake’s ease of integration and scaling capability enables Adda52 to enhance technology features and build business agility while accessing critical information in near-real time.

“We are excited to join hands with Adda52, part of Gaussian Networks, and are eager to collaborate with them in their journey to build a growing and sustainable data operations model. With our single unified view of data, the possibility of operational errors is mitigated, and efficient big data analysis is propagated. By providing a secure environment for collaborative cross-selling, we look forward to empowering Adda52 to move seamlessly into their next phase of development and beyond.” said Mr. Vimal Venkatram, Country Manager, India, Snowflake.

The gaming industry is at the right inflection point of growth and with Snowflake’s Data Cloud, Adda52 is backed by cutting-edge standards of data safety, analytical capabilities, customer satisfaction, and revenue-generating insights to take a giant leap into the data-enabled gaming future.