SQUAREAT an Innovative Food Concept, Meals in Squares for People of Any Age Who Are Seeking a Healthy Lifestyle


The Taste has a shape now: Square.

Healthy, tasty, portable, long lasting and eco-sustainable portion-controlled meals. People have different dietary needs and with SQUAREAT you can finally fully customize your diet. The Squares are “ready to eat” 45g portions prepared with gourmet techniques in order to keep all their nutrients, they are 100% natural food, and you can eat them at your own time thanks to their long-lasting nature, up to 2 weeks without any additives or preservatives.

“Our goal is to make people’s lives easier without sacrificing taste,” Paolo Cadegiani, CEO, mentioned. SQUAREAT produces high-quality food and sells it at an affordable price.

SQUAREAT launched on December 3, 2021, in Miami but, a week after they have switched nationwide due to the high demand for our products.

DTC subscription is not an end point for us, but just the beginning. Indeed, we are already working on a “Pick Your Own” menu that will be available nationwide next month where customers will be able to select the Squares they like the most,” Maria Vacaflores, CCO said.