Startup News: FIOHO to Launch Cloud Based Home Security

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Founded by the 2 young enthusiasts, Jetesh Prasher and Ankur Sharma, FIOHO is a Delhi based home security startup which showcases the awesome spark of creation with the amalgamation of security and intelligence.

Technology is being infused in every aspect of life and security is no exception. Say cheers to FIOHO for helping you to have a keen eye at your home. Catering to the present need for security, GenX Cloudsuite has developed a software solution for helper’s management and security solution in its own unique way.

Now get peace of mind from a brand you should know-it’s Fioho

It is very important to secure our belongings as well as near & dear ones in the wake of the recent crime wave in India. Times have changed and so should our approach towards security and safety. Now you can easily afford to secure yourself with best available security solutions.

The startup was working towards the same and tried to bring secure living to masses in the form of FIOHO. Also, their mission has been to help people to find the right match for household through a secure and reliable source and manage all the day to day activities of domestic helpers. It is a user-friendly application where you can easily browse through the website and mobile application, go through the different products and services and finally pick the one that suits your needs the best. FIOHO provides electronic security system with central monitoring and tracking. It remotely monitors your home and the surrounding for security threats, break-ins, and emergencies.

We are proud that FIOHO will be launched as one of its own kind cloud-based application for residents to manage all the day to day activities of domestic helpers. FIOHO is focused to help people find the right match for their household through a secure and reliable source and manage all the day to day activities of the domestic helpers.

Opening door of opportunities for the helpers

FIOHO has also opened the door of opportunities for helpers; now helpers can easily find relevant jobs with job security without any fear of false allegations. Moving a step ahead FIOHO plans to provide medical facilities and medical insurance to the helpers to back the economic condition of the helpers.

From Board Of Directors Desk…(Word of mouth)

“With any kind of fear, we always try to face it head on, write it down, and think about it. We don’t want to settle for just having a good business. We want to push for our biggest potential impact with our never settling attitude.

FIOHO was designed and developed to beat the challenges that our urban society is facing, we wanted to create a product that with meet the security needs of people under one roof without any hassle.”

We encourage the efforts taken by FIOHO team for the safety and security of people across India. It was high time that we needed a product that can solve our day-to-day concerns about our security. We hope FIOHO meets the needs and demands as it promises; so far the product looks unique with its application embedded with latest technologies fulfilling all the security needs of present-day requirements.

Get prepared for a new change in the security world

The product is aligned to be launched for the public in the first week of October. Let’s hope FIOHO achieves wonders because the thought behind its initiation is genuine, plus the idea of adding security with intelligence was like never before. To start with, FIOHO is focused to cater Delhi NCR for its products and services and later on cover PAN India locations. We hope the startup takes up similar challenges faced by society, helping them in varied segments of lives with such innovative products and services.

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