Steelbird has launched first ever hands free Face Shield in India.

Steel Bird Face shield

New Delhi 12th Aug 2020: Asia’s largest Helmet manufacturer, Steelbird Helmets today announced the launch of first of -its -kind revolutionary IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield.

In the present time of COVID-19 pandemic, this revolutionary face shield has inbuilt hands free functions that allow the user to take the calls without touching the mobile phone which might have many viruses on its screen, and these might go inside the user’s body when the person touches the nose and mouth with the same fingers. Thus, Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield minimises the risk of spread of Coronavirus.

Recent reports suggest that mobile phones might be one of the reasons for the spread of Coronavirus. It is not possible to disinfect the screen of mobile phones very frequently. Thus, Steelbird came up with the unique product IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield priced at Mrp Rs. 1879/- that provides dual benefits to the users- protection from Coronavirus and the feature of accessing mobile phones without having to pick the phone up again and again in your hand. The product is available for sale on & and also on

According to Mr. Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director, Steelbird Group, “With the widespread of Coronavirus, we thought of coming with a product that gives 360-degree protection to people. So, we innovated IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield, which is a first of its kind revolutionary hands-free face shield. This face shield will not only help you to save yourself from coronavirus infection but you can also pick or receive a phone call and speak to the caller through the inbuilt Battery-less speakers and microphone system. One can also enjoy music through the Face Shield.”

Through this launch, we plan to manufacture 1,00,000 pcs of IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield in Three months (Aug-Oct) We have a vast portfolio of face shields for customers across age groups. So far, we have manufactured over 6,00,000 pcs face shields.” Added Mr. Kapur

Steelbird IGN-1 HF Static Face Shield is battery-less so there is no hassle of charging it, thus, one can enjoy uninterrupted music, take phone calls and access Google Assistant. The high-quality sound, noise cancellation through a single directional microphone makes it a must-have for the music lovers. It is compatible with all mobile phones. It can be used during the rainy season as it has a waterproof mechanism with IP5 water resistant hands-free part. It can be used by anyone as it has adjustable ear pads for added comfort as per an individual ear’s size and position.

Amid the COVID-19 situation, earlier this year Steelbird had entered into the medical devices segment. The company has already launched different types of face shields. Apart from the face shields, Steelbird has recently launched the Herbal Immunity Booster SHOTs and N95 Masks to fight against the viruses.