Stepping Into Boardroom

The eighth Edition of Perspective a CXO round table panel discussion was held on 8th August 2019 at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. The panel consisted of CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors, CHRO from companies of diverse industries.

The subject of the edition circled around Stepping into Boardroom. The session was moderated by Mr. Ankit Bansal, CEO of Sapphire Human Solutions. The panelists attending the session were Ms. Sudha Ravi & Ms. Neera Saggi.

The Major discussion revolved around the opportunity of stepping on the boardroom as an independent director, creating awareness about one’s availability, the process, preparation and expectations. Apart from this they also tried to dwell out answers to various questions such as why do you want to be an independent director? Which industry to look for? Etc. Once the questions are answered and the opportunity is received, there is a need to evaluate the roles and responsibilities as well as do due diligence about the company which is important to secure one’s interest and peace of mind.

The discussion went along to some other important issue i.e. what is the role of an independent director? Here the speaker laid stress on the position of independent director and his/her responsibilities. She further said that, “The performance of the board and performance of the company are totally distinct, the board strategizes, directs and evaluates, implementation rests with the executive team.’’ The session was concluded by placing the status of an independent director as similar as an executive director in terms of corporate strategy and evaluation and functioning of the instrument panel.