Swedish Robot System Products taps into India’s $13 billion Robotics & Automation market to start manufacturing next year

Swedish Robot System Products taps into India’s $13 billion Robotics & Automation market to start manufacturing next yearChennai, India/ Sweden, November 21, 2023: Robot System Products (RSP), a spinoff company of ABB Ltd and a global leader in high-performance industrial robot accessories has announced plans to set up a subsidiary in India.

This strategic move aims to capitalize on the tremendous growth potential of India’s robotics and industrial automation sector, which is projected to reach $13.23 billion in 2022. By expanding its presence in the Indian market, RSP seeks to leverage the country’s burgeoning industry and reinforce its position as a critical player in robotics and automation.

India’s industrial robots and automation market is expected to grow by over 14% to almost double to $25 billion by 2025 due to the increasing use of Industry 4.0 technologies, especially in sectors like automotive, packaging, metal, and others.

Besides, lack of skilled labour and the changing production environment that requires increasing efficiency, and competitiveness, are also driving the demand for industrial robots.

The Indian entity Scandinavian Robot Systems India Private Limited  has been registered in the city of Chennai, an automotive hub in the southern state of  Tamil Nadu, and will supply its renowned range of Industrial Robot accessories to customers in India

The company’s products are all designed to increase the manufacturing flexibility and reliability of all major robot brands used in manufacturing. At present, the Robot accessories will be imported from Sweden, however, the plan is to manufacture at least two products from India  by next year.

“We have been watching the developments in India and believe that now is a great time for RSP to enter. With almost 5500 robots installed in 2022 in Indian manufacturing facilities, the growth of robotics in Indian industry is very encouraging” says Eddie Eriksson, President, and CEO of Robot System Products AB.

RSP stands at the forefront of the industrial automation industry as a renowned global leader in delivering cutting-edge solutions for enhancing the performance and versatility of industrial robots.

Among its diverse range of innovative offerings, tool changers take centre stage due to their unmatched benefits for modern manufacturing processes.

One of the key reasons why RSP’s tool changers are highly regarded in the industrial robotics realm is their unparalleled versatility. The automatic tool changers from RSP allow robots to effortlessly switch between different tools or end-effectors, such as grippers, welders, drills, or other specialized equipment, with minimal downtime. This enables robots to perform multiple tasks or handle various products without requiring time-consuming manual tool changes, thereby maximizing productivity and throughput.

Mr. Arvind Vasu, Managing Director for RSP’s subsidiary company in India said “Indian Industry is set to ramp up productivity in Automotive Electric Vehicle programs, electronics, and several other manufacturing applications. With India’s ambitious goal to be a manufacturing hub for the world and capitalize on the “Make in India” policy, RSP is well positioned to provide the local industry the reliable, quality, and flexible manufacturing solutions to automate and to achieve their goals.”

According to IFR, the annual installations of Industrial Robots in India surged in 2021 and 2022 moving India up the ladder to become the 11th largest market for robots in the world. However, India is still far behind global manufacturing major China that claims to have 187 robots per 10,000 employees, whereas India has 4 robots for that many employees.