TEBillion Helps Businesses Get Day to Day Activity Fully Automated with Advanced Notifications

TEBillion Improves Reporting with Drill-Down Features

London, United Kingdom : TEBillion announces the soon to be released feature within TEB Cloud that will define a new and advanced way of receiving notifications in the brainy software suite.

With more and more companies transition to remote working arrangements in the long run and post-COVID, to effectively monitor and manage the teams is a must for them to grow. TEBillion is set to release a more advanced notification system with more user flexibility. This update borders in a more defined push notification reminders for all employees in the organisation.

Users can set notifications that will be sent out to the team. All employees can also set notifications for themselves, to help them get the job done effectively and on time. Executives will be able to check what exactly their team is doing or currently working on from these notifications to help them understand more about what’s happening within the team.

These advanced notifications do not only work for the working team but for the business processes as well. Employees can set up these reminders to alert the authorized people when an action should be done to prevent delays and errors. The best part of this update will be permissions to configure the notification settings on what kind of notifications they want or don’t want to see.

TEB Cloud, already being a robust business automation suite, is yet again to gain an edge as TEBillion, leading business automation solution provider, continuously improves the competency of its flagship product. Before releasing the brainy software suite to become a single business platform cloud to help businesses worldwide, TEB is making sure the software suite is already as advanced as it could be. This is part of TEB’s measure to help businesses around the world get fully automated and achieve rapid growth.