Techno Electric and Engineering – Post-budget management quote

By – Mr Ankit Saraiya, Director, Techno Electric and Engineering Limited

“The world has seen decades of accelerated digital transformation and adoption of technology, owing to the pandemic. The budget significantly encapsulates the role of tech and includes disruptive, innovative and futuristic growth potential of an aspirational India. The enhanced status of the Data Center and Energy projects to infrastructure status marks a huge step for the industry from a ‘Make in India’ perspective and reassuring several domestic Data Center developers. Additionally, the development and auctioning of the 5G spectrum, incentivizing the AI, EV and digital transformation space will contribute significantly to the Digital India mission.

The government’s stance on the Block chain technologies and the implementation of digital rupee using block chain and other technologies will give a big boost to the tech eco-system of India. We perceive this move to be a big positive push for the government’s “Digital India” programme.