Telecom Bill

Further to Telecom Bill 2023 being introduced in the Parliament please find appended below the statement attributable to Akshaya Moondra, CEO, Vodafone Idea Limited.

According to Akshaya Moondra, CEO, Vodafone Idea Limited, “The Telecommunications Bill, 2023, tabled in the parliament, represents a watershed moment in the telecom reform process and reaffirms the commitment of the Government to provide Indian telecom with a future-fit framework that helps achieve the growth aspirations of new India. 

The Bill carries several forward-looking provisions that will help deliver the benefits of digital connectivity to all our citizens. We warmly welcome the rationalization of penalties and the legal enforceability of right of way provisions, a long-standing request of the industry. Security of telecom networks is paramount, and the Bill recognizes telecom as critical infrastructure and prescribes punitive consequences for those who damage it.

By highlighting the duties of users, the Bill puts equal responsibility on consumers to meet the requirements of national security.”