The COMO Group Announces Certified Business Coaching Offering

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Dallas, TX: Today, The COMO Group announced a new Certified Business Coaching offering in addition to their robust Management Consulting practice. The group will now offer coaching and workshops for individuals and businesses using Donald Miller’s “Business Made Simple” (BMS) framework.

“With the current economic climate and business challenges, we are finding that more and more individuals and businesses need a plan to profitably grow through Transformation. Our clients need our help now more than ever, and we are here to serve them,” said Sonal Trivedi, Co-Founder and Managing Partner for The COMO Group.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, twenty percent of all new businesses fail in their first year and fifty percent fail by the end of their fifth year. If business owners want to succeed in both the short and long term, they need to have a clear strategy to win and they need to invest time working on their business and not solely in their business.

The right business coach will help business owners and leaders to save time, develop a one-of-a-kind company culture and, ultimately, help them to make more money so that they can live the life of their dreams. With the availability of this new “Business Made Simple (BMS)” Coaching offering, The COMO Group is uniquely positioned to help business owners transform themselves, their businesses, and their lives.

“Using our rich industry experience combined with the power of ‘Business Made Simple,’ we are helping our clients to transform. Whether they need to transform from ‘surviving to thriving’ or from ‘success to significance,’ we help them with key building blocks such as their company mission and guiding principles, a clear message on their offerings, developing a robust marketing plan and sales funnel, implementing a sales framework that positions their customer as the hero, creating a Transformation execution plan, and much more,” said Christine Strobush, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at The COMO Group. Ms. Strobush is also a certified “Business Made Simple” Coach.

About The COMO Group
The COMO Group is a team of Transformation Practitioners and Servant Leaders who have over forty years of combined experience in achieving personal and professional Transformation. The founders have rich experience with functional and enterprise Transformation spanning telecommunications, industrial manufacturing, information technology, professional services, and management consulting industries.

The COMO Group lives and breathes Transformation every single day. They believe that Transformation encompasses four key pillars, which are People, Process, Technology and Culture. Their motto is “True Transformation with Sustainable Results.” With mindfulness and compassion, they help leaders to transform themselves, their businesses, and their lives.

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