The Gourmet Shop at the Orchid Mumbai Curates ‘Kullad Chai with Bhajiya

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There is no better way to enjoy the monsoons than accompanied with a perfect combination of a piping hot cup of tea and a platter of sizzling hot bhajiyas. With the rains around the corner, The Gourmet Shop at The Orchid Mumbai satiates your taste buds with a quintessential monsoon menu, ‘Kullad Chai with Bhajiya’ from June 10th to June 30th, 2022.

The delectable menu curated by the folks at The Gourmet Shop features Kullad chai along with an assortment of Bhajiyas. There is a variety of bhajiyas including Kanda Bhajiya, Aloo Bhajiya, Mix Vegetable Bhajiya, and Paneer Bhajiya. Apart from these, the outlet will also dish out Batata Wada Pav, Chicken Pakora, Omlet Pav, Bhurji Pav, along with steaming hot chai.

Khulad chai is a unique Indian tea prepared in a special way. The earthen cup tends to soak up a bit of the hot fluids poured into it. So, when you pour hot tea into a Kullad, a bit of the tea soaks into the clay and the two flavours intermingle to create delicious earthy flavours with a smoky taste.

Date: June 10th to June 30th 2022

Venue: Gourmet Shop, The Orchid Mumbai