The Simple Signs That You’re Taking on Too Much – and Need Help from a VA

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Sometimes, we all get so caught up in doing our daily tasks that we fail to realise how busy we are. Most of us have fallen into the trap – having no time for ourselves or our loved ones and constantly thinking of what we must do and accomplish – even when we should be relaxing and having fun! Whilst today’s world is much more distracting, most of us take on too much responsibility, whether at work or in our personal lives.

But what are the signs that tell you that it’s too much? You may think it’s ‘normal’ to have a working lunch at your desk, or it’s routine to make lists on your calendar that you can never seem to ‘check’ off – but to tell you the truth, it’s far from the norm. So what are the other signs that you’re taking on too much and have bitten off more than you could chew? Here are the simple signs that you need help from a virtual assistant.

  1. When you spend less and less time with your family, and they can’t help but ask you questions like, ‘When can/will I see you?’
  2. Let’s say you’re on holiday – but you can’t seem to get away from your phone or laptop for two minutes because you have too much work to do.
  3. When you have to travel for business, you end up spending too much time arranging your travel details (booking flights and accommodations, etc.)
  4. When you spend too much time on menial or repetitive tasks, like data entry – or you can’t find the extra time to do it once and for all!
  5. When you don’t feel like you have accomplished much at the end of the day anymore – there is no satisfying feeling of accomplishment.
  6. When you check your email and find hundreds (or thousands) of emails that you haven’t answered or tackled and are unsure how to tackle it all.
  7. When you make calendar notes, that never seem to get done.
  8. When you are in charge of handling expense reports but consistently put them off because it’s too difficult to do.
  9. If you make a list of to-do’s, but it never seems to get done – you can’t find the time or the energy for it.
  10. If you are constantly bothered by telephone calls, they distract you from your most important tasks.
  11. If you are continuously dealing with distractions that take up too much of your precious time.
  12. If you find yourself having to do a ‘working lunch’ just because work duties and responsibilities take over your lunch break.
  13. When you couldn’t handle it any longer – and wish there were more hours in the day!

Of course, if you answer any of these questions with a resounding yes, it may be the perfect time to get a virtual assistant. You can hire one full-time or part-time, or even by the hour, and the best part is that they can take over the tasks and duties that are the most tedious or tiresome – leaving you to do your real and most important tasks.

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