Top Five Socio-technology platforms in India supporting the GIG Economy

Broomes: -Established in 2020, BROOMEES is revolutionizing the way helpers are hired in India. Our mission and resolve is to bring to our customers — trained, experienced, and pandemic-ready conquerors. Under our umbrella, we assist and provide a wide range of services for our customers to choose from — both one-time and daily services. Our aim is to organize the sector and train and enable the surrounding helpers.

Mr.Right: -Carpenter, plumber, electrician. The list goes on when it comes to the services provided by Mr. Right to help you find the right home service. In addition, the app facilitates appliance repair, deep cleaning services, and more! With a few details, this gig platform onboards professionals with a proven track record in the services; and has more than 60,000 gig workers.

Gigzeu: -Gigzeu is a socio-techno start-up that dreams to create a community based on the mutual trust of domestic Gig workers and socially conscious customers. Asking around for domestic skilled workers on Whatsapp groups or security guards should be history. The brand is fostering a change in the manner domestic gig workers approach their work and customers perceive them. The often-quoted experience of domestic workers is, ”If I can cook for them, why are there different utensils for me”. The brand has started its journey with the belief that such experiences harm service quality and social fabric. It’s a first step towards bringing the domestic gig workers in the net of social security, medical insurance & facilities like creches, etc.

Housejoy: -Just like the name, this gig economy platform aims to deliver home services by trained professionals, who are insured, and also have the option for re-work. TLDR; makes house chores a joy! Housejoy has served over 1Million+ customers and has over 65,000 professionals. The various services you’ll find on the gig-driven platform are home cleaning, repair, virus fumigation, appliance service & repair, home salons, and more!

Workflexi:– Workflexi is a gig economy platform that connects businesses or individuals with gig workers that are specialized in facets, both technical, non-technical, & creative, like IT skills, Accounting, Taxation, Digital marketing, Interior designing, Baking, Creative skills such as photography, dancing, singing, sketching, cinematography, etc. The platform delivers on-time payments by avoiding settlement delays that are common for platforms dealing with payment gateways and traditional payment transfers. Furthermore, the platform has also the traditional hassles related to payment gateways, such as chunky transaction fees, and has saved more than 90% on overheads.