Tourism Western Australia recognises International Yoga Day

Today Tourism Western Australia acknowledges International Yoga Day, as an iconic physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in India.  

In the same way that yoga seeks to unite the mind, body, and spirit, Western Australia is a wondrous destination where every part of the natural world is interconnected.  

Our new global tourism brand, Walking On A Dream, is inspired by our State’s unique and ancient Aboriginal culture and showcases how our people, animals, plants, and even landforms are in constant conversation with each other, to create a dreamlike visitor experience that unites our environment with community and culture.  

Western Australia has a strong relationship with India and a proud Indian community in our state. India is Western Australia’s fourth largest international visitor market, and we know that visitors from India are especially interested in our beaches and coastline, native flora and fauna, local cuisine, and in traveling to a family-friendly destination.  

I look forward to continuing to work with you all as we collaborate to help strengthen Western Australia’s already strong tourism relationship with India, and to inspire more mutually beneficial opportunities between our two destinations.