Tulsi Tea launches Drive Safe Awareness campaign

Tulsi Tea launches Drive Safe Awareness campaign

Tulsi Tea, one of Gujarat’s most beloved tea brands, has launched a new campaign with the aim of promoting safe driving. The initiative comes in the wake of vehicle drivers, passengers and pedestrians continuing to suffer injuries and losing their lives in road accidents in Gujarat and elsewhere on an almost daily basis.

The “Drive Safe Awareness” campaign with the powerful tagline “Ungh Udavo, Gaadi Nahin” (Let drowsiness fly, not your vehicle) strategically displayed on auto hoods seeks to spread the important message of safe driving and encourages people to follow traffic rules. The campaign is active in Mehsana, Patan, and Veraval in Somnath.

Haresh Kathrotiya, Managing Director of Tulsi Tea, said, “Our Drive Safe Awareness campaign aims to convey the crucial message of responsible and alert driving. There is ample evidence to show that a majority of road accidents and the resultant loss of lives can be prevented through safe driving and adherence to traffic rules. We believe that beyond the branding impressions, our campaign has the potential to positively influence behaviour. By raising awareness about the dangers of drowsy and rash driving, we hope to contribute to safer roads and reduced accidents with this campaign.”

The campaign’s message “Ungh Udavo, Gaadi Nahin” emphasises the importance of safe driving, and encourages drivers to prioritise alertness and drowsiness-free driving by sipping Tulsi Tea for energising themselves. The campaign has been very well-received by the people.

Tulsi Tea opted for auto hood branding for the campaign to ensure the message travels across the cities and makes a strong visual impact. Simultaneously, Tulsi Team aims to leverage digital platforms to expand the campaign’s reach using engaging social media content, visuals, and videos to reinforce the message of safe and responsible driving.