Viah Beauty launches in India: Luxe Skincare Tailored for Indian Skin

Viah Beauty launches in India: Luxe Skincare Tailored for Indian Skin23 April 2024: Viah Beauty, renowned for its innovative skincare formulations with luxe ingredients especially catered for Indian skin concerns, is thrilled to announce its official launch in India. With a commitment to addressing prevalent skincare concerns amongst the Indian audience, Viah Beauty introduces a line-up of premium summer skincare products tailored specifically for the Indian skin type. Viah Beauty is committed to providing skincare enthusiasts with a transformational experience by curating products that blend luxury and efficacy.

With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Viah Beauty has meticulously formulated its products with White Truffle, Lime Caviar, Oubaku and Jiou Liquid and many more premium ingredients blend at an affordable price range in their products ensuring optimal results for every individual, irrespective of their skin type or concern. The newly launched summer skincare range is meticulously crafted to target common skincare issues such as acne, pollution, pigmentation, dark circles, and wrinkles, prevalent among Indian consumers. The lineup includes- Gentle Exfoliating Restorative Cleanser,  Hydrating Collagen Toner, Sun Protective Hydrating Moisturiser, Rejuvenating & Corrective Serum, Full Spectrum Sunscreen. Leveraging advanced formulations and incorporating luxurious ingredients Viah Beauty ensures a superior skincare experience, protecting it from environmental distressors and helping it to repair, renew the skin for a supple and even complexion.

Riddhamn Baahri, Co-Founder, Viah Beauty, is thrilled to share his thoughts, “We are excited to bring Viah Beauty to IndiaIndia‘s skincare market is rapidly expanding, reflecting a growing trend towards increased focus on personal grooming and wellness. Our mission is to provide Indian consumers with luxurious skincare solutions tailored to effectively address their unique skin concerns. With our range of affordable premium formulations we aim to make high-quality skincare accessible to all without compromising on efficacy.”

Viah Beauty summer skincare lineup includes-

  1. Gentle Exfoliating Restorative Cleanser: Gentle on the skin, this formula scrubs away dead skin cells, without stripping away moisture. This mild cleanser prevents photoageing and considerably reduces pigmentation at INR 699

  2. Hydrating Collagen Toner: Combining the goodness of Hydra Collagen, Easyliance & Aquaxyl, this anti-ageing formula boosts collagen, reduces fine lines & wrinkles, & brightens skin tone, giving you a beautiful glow that lasts all day long at INR 1049

  3. Rejuvenating & Corrective Serum: Your powerhouse solution for flawless skin. Effectively clearing hyperpigmentation and dark spots, it revitalizes, hydrates, and fortifies the skin barrier, unveiling a radiant, even-toned complexion at  INR 1549

  4. Sun Protective Hydrating Moisturiser: Powered by NaturePep Pea, SunCat DE & Jojoba Oil, our SPF-30 light gel moisturiser actively protects against daily sun exposure, reducing hyperpigmentation & dark spots, for bright & blemish-free skin at INR 1749.

  5. Full Spectrum Sunscreen: Made with double-encapsulated technology, this sunscreen soothes irritated skin and is charged with a high Tanning Protection Index (TPI) for enhanced protection from the sun.

  6. Viah Beauty products are clinically tested, free from minerals, parabens, sulphates and 100% cruelty free. T