WeThePlanet, Organized NOVUS Global X Impact with Kajol Devgan, Shekhar Kapur & Shashi Tharoor

Kunal Sood

Kunal Sood, an internationally acclaimed impact entrepreneur and an award-winning disruptive innovator, hosted NOVUS Global X Impact: The Decade of Transformation powered by #WeThePlanet on 20th and 21st July 2020.

In a first of its kind two-day virtual summit, Kunal, together with global leaders and youth icons, inspired global citizens around the world to unite in action around solving for our planet’s most pressing challenges. The flagship virtual summit was live-streamed on www.wetheplanet.io

The flagship summit featured six sessions: An east meets west opening session #AllThatMatters in association with INK Talks, followed by #GlobalHealthRevolution and #Moonshots on 20th July and #WeThePlanet, #WeHaveADream and #FirstWoman on 21st July.

On the first day in NOVUS GLOBAL X Impact: Decade of Transformation in the east meets west Shekhar Kapur, Academy award-winning film director, shared, “how elders can teach their next generation to redefine achievement and self-worth for it is not attached with the materialistic items one own but the love and kindness that one has shared and embraced in one’s lifetime. And in doing so, everyone can leave a positive impact behind”.

On the second day Kajol Devgan, Indian film actress was the opening keynote for #WeThePlanet live from Mumbai, said, “this global pandemic has made us kinder. It has made us aware of our surroundings and develops compassion towards those around us. Even the businesses are thriving to be more planet-friendly and modelling their leadership around sustainable goals.”

Kunal Sood, humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response, shared, “Our distinguished speakers and attendees are comprised of extraordinary citizens that are able to come together as one during the global pandemic and understand that we are all in this together. At the end of the day we are all deeply committed to building a new normal where positive engagement, meaningful relationships and purpose-driven impact leadership are the foundation for a better future and world”.