What is a product design workshop?

product design workshop

The vision of the project should be clear and ready for further implementation – you may have a great idea, but it usually needs to be systematized. In order to start designing and implementing a desired project, you need to develop its thorough specification. Product workshops are a perfect solution to do it, not risking a potential failure.

Product design workshops – characteristics

Workshops are a form of a meeting between a client represented by the people responsible for the project, the designer, project manager, and a developer. The precise list of people is, however, selected for specific workshops after prior determination of the needs. The purpose of such a meeting is to obtain information from the client to define the scope of the project and outline its general shape and necessary functionalities.

During the workshops, the sides usually talk about UX and UI design, getting to know the client’s expectations and allowing him to systematize the idea. They mention functionalities, the scale of the project, business goals, target audience, and expectations. The results developed during the workshops are the basis for taking further steps in building a software solution. The workshops are usually organized by professional companies like https://leancode.co using their experience and knowledge to achieve the best results.

Main stages of product design workshops

Product Design workshops’ goal is turning your idea into a specific vision of the future application. You gain necessary knowledge and materials that allow you to move to the development process.

The stages of product design workshops are:

  1. Analyzing materials about the company, its product vision, and available competitive solutions.
  2. Creating a product’s common vision, building mutual understanding of its purpose and looking for a solution tailored to the client’s needs and the future users’ possible requirements. At this stage, you come up with the most essential functionalities.
  3. Working on functionalities and consulting a team of developers on their technological aspects. Looking for optimal solutions and preparing initial views and flow of the application.
  4. Presenting the effect of the internal works, discussing the proposed views and functionalities that will enter the MVP as well as the next stages of application development. Collecting feedback to make the necessary corrections.
  5. Providing the client with complete documentation, including all materials developed during the entire workshop process. You get to know the estimate of the time and cost of the project.

Why do you need the workshops?

Face-to-face conversation during the workshop is the best method to identify customer needs. Gathering several people on the part of the client and on the part of the contractor allows you to build a vision of the project based on the points of view of different people, especially when it comes to UX and UI in modern CMS systems. Thanks to the exchange of views and experiences, the client is more aware of what he really needs. The advantage of the workshop is that all participants focus their attention on the concept, validate ideas, and decide to include them in the scope of the project.

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