What is CFD trading – and the best platforms to use for investing in it

CFD trading

Perhaps you have heard about CFD trading and wonder what it’s all about. Maybe it’s even the first time you come across the term. Either way, we’re here to explain for you what the concept means and how you can invest in it. CFD is short for Contract for Difference and is a trending type of derivate product in finance.

What is CFD and how to trade on platforms

Contracts for difference allow you to speculate on different financial markets. For example, foreign exchange market, stock market and cryptocurrency market where people trade with bitcoins and other digital currencies. The thing with CFD is that you never actually buy the assets, instead you trade on the fluctuations in price over shorter periods of time.

Before you dive into the new world of CFD trading, you benefit a lot from knowing the basics about the concept. Have a look at the best CFD trading platform to find a good broker where you can start trading. From there, you can start investing by buying and selling on the price of the assets.

Making profits on the difference in price

CFD trading is all about speculations and predictions. It’s possible for you to make a profit whether the price is going up or down. The more accurate your forecast is and the better your timing is for buying and selling, the more you can profit from the trade.

Just like every other type of trading, it comes with a risk and it’s important to stay on your toes in order to be successful. By learning the basic trading skills, you can improve your chances and have a better experience. Use a stop limit to prevent big losses if your prediction is wrong.

Starting out with CFD trading

When you’re a new trader, a good way to learn is by opening a demo account on one of the platforms that different brokers provide. You can then try out the trading markets without using your real money, meaning you don’t risk losing anything. When you get a hold of things, it’s easy to start trading for real.

If you predict that the market will rise, you “go long” which means buying. On the contrary, if you think the market will fall, you “go short” meaning you sell. Both price movements allow you to make a profit as long as your predictions are correct. When opening a position on a platform you can keep track of it and close it when you want.

Pros and cons with CFD trading

Why do people choose to trade with CFD? This type of trading has some benefits compared to other types of trading. The downside of all trading is that it always comes with a risk, but the good thing is that proper research and learning can lower those risks and give you a better time on the market. Here are a few of the benefits with CFD trading:

  • You can make a profit on both rising and falling markets
  • Big range of markets, gathered on one platform
  • Trading available 24/7
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