WIKA India’s Sustainable Water & Energy Consumption Practices Saves 26% of Water & Minimize Emissions

Faridabad, NCR, India, June 24, 2024 – WIKA India Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of the WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, Germany, has been continuously taking newer sustainability initiatives over the past several years. The last three years have been extremely commendable as its sustainable practices and initiatives have garnered it a huge applause as well as satisfaction on the development and progress of its green ventures.


WIKA India has demonstrated a constant commitment to a greener environment today and tomorrow through the utilization of renewable energy, minimized emissions and lasting solutions whenever needed. This has helped WIKA India to firmly establish itself as a company that understands the importance of a sustainable environment.

“WIKA India believes that every corporate has a social responsibility towards environmental changes that are redefining how our economy and society function. However, with new sustainability efforts every year, we intend to lead the change proactively while being diverse, innovative and persistent,” said Gaurav Bawa, Sr. Vice President, WIKA India.

Some of the key sustainability initiatives taken by WIKA India over the past three years are pulp packaging, zero waste water, LPG Genset Implementation, and urban forest development.

A shift to using pulp packaging, an environment-friendly material compared to the conventional products, has helped minimise the plastic wastes and also encouraged the adoption of more recycling practices of the waste packaging material. For instance, the company has saved around 7000 €/year (Single die prepared for 5 types). Another innovative practice that WIKA India has incorporated is the use of advanced water management systems. From reducing the water consumption by 26% over the last two years at its Faridabad facility, the sewage treatment plant of capacity 50, 000 litres per day is in use at its Pune facility that helps generate 3,00,000 litres of recycled water to be used in garden and plants.

Along with these, replacing diesel generators with LPG gensets has helped WIKA India in attaining sustainable energy consumption. This switch has helped reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, thus ensuring clean air and environment. For the first time globally, WIKA India has planted around 1,600 trees on barren land in urban areas, implementing the Miyawaki technique. This initiative involves creating complex, rich biodiverse environments that helps improve air quality and can assist in supporting the diversity of life within urban environments.