Womennovator honours Dr. Meenu for her creative and empowering art

Dr. Meenu, Founder, Cosmo Arts India Gallery
Dr. Meenu, Founder, Cosmo Arts India Gallery

Dr. Meenu is the founder of Cosmo Arts India Gallery and has gained recognition for her unique art style which has the potential to bring transformation in how the world perceives its women. Because of her art that has the capability of moving masses and imparting influential messages, she was recently felicitated by Ms. Tripti Somani (founder of Womennovator) at the global event ‘Womennovator’. It is an event that is in itself a revolution and aims at bringing to the fore women with powerful stories and unyielding vigour. This extremely venerated event took place from 18th October to 24th October 2021 and was attended by exceptionally talented and well-known personalities whose presence made the event bigger and exciting for everyone. The summit went live and sparked quite a sensation of zeal and zest amongst the attendees. With women from different corners and walks of life, it was a befitting occasion for such empowered voices.

Dr. Meenu a truly deserving contemporary artist was selected as an artpreneur. More importantly, Dr. Meenu was also selected as the winner of the Asian Women Faces 2021 by Womennovator, for her extraordinary endeavour in the field of art and her supremely admirable depiction of the feminist movement. A true social activist and feminist at heart, she leads by setting examples through her Shakti creative campaign. It is a social campaign aimed at creating a space and supporting specially-abled women artists.

While commenting on this extraordinary feat, Dr. Meenu very ardently commented that “I have always had the belief that art has the capability to transform the societal mores and norms that hold back women in this era of modernism and innovation. You see, although a section of the world has moved ahead 100 years and now humanity is heading towards creating artificial beings, there exist small pockets of people who still are not out of the rut of outdated standards. And with my art and gallery, I aim at ending this obsolete system i.e. patriarchy. My art exhibits the sentiments and notions of women empowerment. And you can say, this is the reason why I feel my resolve definitely is akin to the motives of Ms. Tripta Shinghal Somani. And therefore, this award is not a mere award at an Asian level but it is more of a reward for my endeavours that I have undertaken in the sphere of entrepreneurship including my venture in art, social activism and most importantly woman empowerment.”

Her art is primarily dedicated to the residential and commercial sector and has a distinctive essence of showcasing the voice of women. A proud owner and creator of an extremely creative gallery, she ensures that every piece that goes up as an installation inspires and fascinates the onlookers. Dr. Meenu’s gallery accepts a variety of projects such as bouquets of paintings, murals, sculptures, portraits and art installations. Art installations by her gallery can find their places in a range of places such as homes, hotels, office spaces, spas, bars, restaurants, hospitals, polyclinics, MNS’s receptions. The highly imaginative art pieces are created in accordance with the theme, ambiance of the venue and budget allocation. Dr. Meenu’s gallery is also known to possess an exquisite collection of art from celebrated masters and even eminent contemporary artists. Not just that, they also run an extremely successful studio that is famous for its commissioned artworks. These pieces of art are created as the likes and requirements of the client and space. An 18 feet tall canvas with acrylic tint was designed by her for the living area of a house. She has also designed a 15 feet x 7 feet painting for the Sheraton group of hotel’s reception. Gifted with a creative eye and a Midas touch, she is a passionate artist whose art is copiously filled with powerful strokes, figures and messages.