Year-ender Quotes for Startup, Ed-tech, Fintech and Tech Sector

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For Fintech Sector:

Mr. Amit Nigam, COO & Executive Director of BANKIT – “I believe the accelerated rate of digital transformation and innovation will continue in the Fintech sector in 2022. Many of the trends that are showing green shoots today will bloom in the months to come. Having said that, I reckon cash will still be the king in the Fintech world, with banking services becoming more accessible for the last mile of the society, particularly in rural areas. I also expect to see local kirana stores evolving into a banking point for the people in the vicinity.”

For Startup Sector:

Mr. Victor Senapaty, Co-Founder of Propelld – “2021 has been like a boom for Indian startups despite the challenging pandemic phase. They have emerged quite differently in terms of strategies to sustain in the market with business profits which have led the Indian startups three times in venture capital than what they did in 2020. Recently, we have been noticing the emergence of tier 2 and tier 3 startups prominently and they will continue to dominate in 2022 year. Also, Indian startups from the finance, AI & IoT space are expected to make big moves.”

For Ed-tech Sector:

Mr. Victor Senapaty, Co-Founder of Propelld – “The Ed-tech industry in India has witnessed tremendous growth last year during the pandemic due to the shift of offline education to online across India. We have seen the emergence of new startups in the education sector providing education to students with AI, Animation technology enriching the learning experience of students. Upskilling courses will be in demand next year as the Executive employees have to upskill on a regular basis to be relevant to their respective industry. With such a high demand of education in 2021 Fintech companies have found the right opportunity to finance education of students for K-12 ed-tech, upskilling and job-ready courses sectors.”

For Tech Sector:

Rajesh Murthy, Founder Architect & Vice President Engineering, Intellicus Technologies – “In 2022, the companies which are in the digitization phase will focus on data pipeline automation and data integration across systems. That gives a strong base for building a data-driven organization. Those companies which have integrated their data from diverse systems will bring in dynamic data factors like IoT and social media data. Essentially CTOs, CDOs, and Chief Data Analysts of these companies have the single most important target to incorporate AI & ML, predictive and prescriptive analytics into their data pipelines and enrich the data before it is presented to business users.”