ZELIO Ebikes Launches State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Unit in Hisar, Haryana

22, May 2024: ZELIO Ebikes, a leading EV two-wheeler startup, has announced the launch of its new manufacturing unit in Ladwa, Hisar, Haryana. With an annual production capacity of 72,000 vehicles per shift, the new facility designed with advanced infrastructure represents a major milestone in ZELIO Ebikes’ commitment to driving sustainable transportation solutions in India.


Covering a vast expanse of 6 acres, with 3 acres under shelter, the new plant embodies a substantial financial commitment, with an investment ranging between 50 to 100 crores. This facility will not only enhance ZELIO Ebikes’ production capabilities but also create numerous employment opportunities, providing direct and indirect jobs to about 150 people. The facility was inaugurated by Mr. Neeraj Arya, Chairman, ZELIO Ebikes, alongside senior officials of ZELIO Ebikes.

In his statement, Kunal Arya, Co-Founder & Managing Director of ZELIO Ebikes emphasized the strategic importance of the new manufacturing unit, stating, “Our new manufacturing unit signifies our commitment to advancing sustainable mobility solutions in India. It will enable us to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. In coming years, we aim to establish it as a major hub for the design, development, and manufacturing of electric two-wheelers in North India.”

“The facility is meticulously designed to produce our current product lines as well as our upcoming products. With a strong emphasis on R&D, a deep understanding of products and consumers, and decades of manufacturing expertise, we are dedicated to the Make-In-India and Make-For-Indiainitiatives. I also want to express my gratitude to my team for their dedication in bringing this vision to life,” he added.

The new manufacturing unit will focus on producing a wide range of e-scooters designed to meet the diverse needs of Indian consumers. ZELIO Ebikes’ products are renowned for their stylish looks, power-packed features, and excellent mileage, offering value for money and a superior riding experience.

ZELIO Auto Private Limited, established in 2021, has quickly become a notable player in the electric two-wheeler market. With over 100 dealers across India and more than 200,000 happy electric riders, ZELIO Ebikes continues to lead the way in providing easy-to-handle, environment-friendly transportation solutions.