7 Best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools (2023)

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Having LinkedIn Email Finder Tools comes in handy when you can’t access the email address of one of your connections. It saves your time as well as effort to find the right client, job, or organisation. LinkedIn is a professional platform where we all share our educational and work-life achievements/operations often. This platform has an abundance of opportunities for everyone whether you are a student, freshly graduated, or working personnel. Through this article, we will explore the 7 best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools that will assist you in many ways at work.

How do I find an email address from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was launched on May 5th, 2003 and is owned by Microsoft. To find the email address of prospective connections on linked, you must have an account. There are majorly three exclusive ways to find email addresses on LinkedIn –

  • Visit the profile to find the email.
  • Approach them and ask for their email.
  • Use LinkedIn Email Finder Tools.

Sometimes, the email addresses are not visible on their website and approaching them doesn’t help either. In such cases, knowing several Tools becomes the saviour and enables you to never lose any opportunity.

What are the best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools?

The list of LinkedIn Email Finder Tools is endless and that’s what makes it difficult to find the right one. Having a few or too many options is always a problem. Keeping that in mind, we are indexing the 7 best LinkedIn Email Finder Tools that will help and save both time and effort.


Aeroleads Email Finder Tool provides a free trial however it is a paid tool. It comes with plenty of features to examine a LinkedIn profile. To begin using it, you must sign up with your business email address. Aeroleads will help you to find the contact details of other users on LinkedIn. Features offered by this LinkedIn Email Finder Tool include:

  • Find the email from LinkedIn
  • Contact Search
  • Check the Validity of the Email
  • Automate personalised bulk Emails.

Prospective users can install the Aeroleads chrome extension to find emails online from various sources.


Next from the LinkedIn Email Finder Tools list is Apollo.io and one of the emerging platforms. Apparently, it promises maximum features that will help an individual or business to generate genuine leads. Its rich and authentic data works as sales intelligence and assists you in bringing the desired results. Several highlighted features offered by Apollo.io are as follows:

  • Find Leads, research prospects, and build lists.
  • With database accuracy, you can expect accurate results.
  • View sales engagements and analytics to build multi-channel sequences for outreach.
  • With the help of Enrich your data and build custom workflows.


Emailsearch.io is a kind of email search engine. You can find emails and phones as well just by entering the domain, LinkedIn profile, name, and company. It’s probably the most convenient way to access email. This platform also consists of a huge database that enables you to find convertible leads. Popular features offered by Emailsearch.io are listed below:

  • Personal Email Finder
  • LinkedIn Email Extractor
  • Domain Email Extractor
  • B2B Company Data
  • Data Enrichment API

There are four monthly plans available for prospective users and the search limit for each package is different.


Up Next LinkedIn Email Finder Tool is Getprospect. Once you sign up on this platform you will get 50 free valid email searches with 100 verifications per month.

In case, your requirement exceeds this parameter then buying a plan would be more appropriate. Here are the features offered by Getprospect:

  • Find Email of certain people in companies
  • Search email addresses by the company domain.
  • Bulk email Finder in one batch
  • Shortly verify bulk email addresses.
  • Easy Google sheets add-on

Install the chrome plugin of Getpropect to find leads for multi-task B2B sales, recruiting, and marketing purposes.


LeadLeader is another email Finder Tool for businesses to manage outreach campaigns and information about prospective leads. You can use this platform for free with limited email credits. However, to extend the usage of credits you will require to buy its premium plans. Premium packages of LeadLeaper are; Sales Pro, Sales Team, and Enterprise. These packages come with additional features and access. Certain features are as follows:

  • It will add the new leads to both your leads and CRM along with verifying them.
  • Supports LinkedIn for new leads however free LinkedIn accounts won’t do.
  • Easy user interfaces enable you to gather and handle large data to generate more revenue.


SalesQL is the next best option for LinkedIn Email Finder. This platform is known for generating leads that help businesses to find and contact LinkedIn connections. Its free version comes with 50 credits per month and the rest of the version is paid. However, they offer many easy-to-use functions illustrated below:

  • Adequate Integrations
  • Find Emails of any LinkedIn profile.
  • Export and build a prospects list with the help of LinkedIn Contacts.

Accenture, Hilton, Cognizant, etc are several companies using SalesQL to reach business professionals around the world.


Last but not the least, Snov.io has a collection of Tools that will assist you with the solution for every sales-related problem or dilemma. It has a long list of products and features. Just like SalesQL and LeadLeaper, you can use it for free with limited access to its features. The product of snov.io gives solutions for generating leads, closing deals and managing sales. Some other functions this platform possesses are:

  • It enables you to discover the technology stack behind your prospective clients.
  • Find Leads and prospects anywhere online.
  • Email Finder, Campaigns and verifier
  • Collect and contact prospects from LinkedIn pages and profiles.
  • Easy integration with over 5000 Tools and apps.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is all these LinkedIn Email Finder Tools offer a free trial and you may buy a preferred plan. Additionally, their chrome extensions are also available and all you have to do is install the plugin. Approaching your prospective big client or organisation using such platforms will turn out to be more impressive and professional. You will definitely stand out and get their attention.

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