Google Search Data Indicates a Hike of 50% In “Spiritual Dream Interpretation” Searches in the US

The United States of America, December 2022: A study by ThePleasantDream of Google Data Search indicates that people have been rigorously searching for “spiritual dream interpretation” as it witnessed a surge of 50% in the United States of America.

The data segregated is a comparison between November 2021 and November 2022 & the monthly search volume went from 480 to 720. However, there was no change in worldwide stats.


Searches For Spiritual Dream Meanings See an Exponential Growth 

As the query “spiritual dream interpretation” witnessed a hike, the team of ThePleasantDream undertook Google Search Data analysis & uncovered the searches for various other spiritual dream meanings that exploded in November 2022 compared to November 2021. Furthermore, the team gathered insights of the US and worldwide through Google Keywords Planner, Google Trends, and Keywords Everywhere.

What Are the Prominent Searches?

The team gathered insights & compared the search queries for November 2021 and November 2022.

Activities that people search 

The most searched query is “spiritual meaning of hair loss in dreams.” The search volume was a mere 20 in November 2021 in the US, but in November 2022, it skyrocketed to 2400, with a hike of 11900%. Besides, the worldwide stats also went from 40 to 5400, with a leap of 13400%.

Next, most searched is the “spiritual meaning of fire in a dream.” With 171%, it has gone from 590 to 1600 in the US, and worldwide with a 184% hike; it has gone from 1900 to 5400.

 “Spiritual meaning of pooping in a dream” also witnessed a jump of 140%, with numbers going from 1000 to 2400 in the US, and the worldwide trend shows a 175% hike, with numbers going from 4400 to 12100.

Besides, the “spiritual meaning of someone cutting my hair” witnessed a growth of 156% in the US, with the volume going from 390 to 1000. Worldwide stats have surged 238%, with the volume going from 1300 to 4400.

On the contrary, the “dream of cutting hair spiritual meaning” has observed a dip of 18% in searches going from 720 to 590 in the US. Besides, it has remained the same worldwide with a 1900 search volume.

However, the “spiritual meaning of being chased in a dream” witnessed a hike of 49% in the US, with the volume going from 590 to 880. Worldwide, the stats are promising, with a 52% hike and volume increasing from 1900 to 2900.


People are curious about flying dreams and are searching, “what does flying in a dream mean spiritually.” With an 81% hike, the query in the US has gone from 1600 to 2900 in volume. While worldwide, it has witnessed an 84% hike, from 4400 to 8100.

Animals/insects people search

The query “spiritual meaning of a snake in a dream” has increased considerably, with search volume going from 140 to 8100, i.e., 5685% in the US. Worldwide stats have jumped from 320 to 33100, i.e., 10243%.

Next is, “what is the spiritual meaning of fish in a dream.” Again, it saw a leap of 3150%, and the search volume went from 40 to 1300 in the US. Worldwide, this query has witnessed a jump of 3042%, with volume search going from 210 to 6600.

Pets tend to appear in dreams, which is evident with the search query – “what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about dogs.” This query witnessed a 176% surge, with the volume going from 260 to 720 in the US, whereas the worldwide stats observed 302% growth, with the volume going from 720 to 2900.

Other animal-related queries are “spiritual meaning of frog in a dream,” which surged by 175%, from 320 to 880 in the US. Besides, the worldwide stats observed a hike of 190%, with volume traversing from 1000 to 2900.

Also, people have searched for “what is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about ants.” It has witnessed a growth of 51%, where the volume has increased from 390 to 590 in the US. Worldwide there has been a surge of 84%, from 1300 to 2400.

Dreams related to a person

“Spiritual meaning of dreaming someone died” escalated from 880 to 2900, i.e., 229% in the US. Besides, worldwide stats have gone from 3600 to 9900, which is a 175% hike.

Next is the “spiritual meaning of seeing twins in a dream,” which has an upward graph with a 126% hike and volume going from 260 to 590 in the US. Worldwide the run is 86%, with the volume going from 1300 to 2400.

Last but not least, the “spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex boyfriend” is also on the list. It has surged by 51%, with the volume going from 390 to 590 in the US, and worldwide marking 50%, with volumes going from 1600 to 2400.

Expert’s opinion

Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, commented, “dreams can become a portal for your welfare, and these spiritual meanings are a great example that tells you to change things for good.”

They further added, “research has highlighted that dreams have often served as a source of spiritual inspiration, insight, and guidance, as well as feedback on decisions and ways of living. So, people might be searching for more spiritual meanings.”

The study was conducted by ThePleasantDream, one of the leading websites on dream interpretation. The team undertook the evaluation to monitor what people dream about from a spiritual perspective.

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