Unbelievable Social Media Campaign Success Stories You Can Use

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In 2019, 3.484 billion people use social media worldwide. Numbers don’t lie, but these media platforms intimidate most business owners. You may think implementing successful social media campaigns is next to impossible.

However, you can develop the best social media strategies to grow your company. While it’s a trial and error process, you can harness the power of several if not all social media platforms. Besides researching your competitors, you should take a look at past social media success stories that can inspire your campaigns.

Need inspiration for your next social media campaigns? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 impressive social media campaign success stories for inspiration to jumpstart your marketing strategy. 

  1. Airbnb

Customer testimonials and reviews are a great way to build trust. You can feature them on your social media, but what about customer-generated content? Airbnb features a lot of user-generated content on their Facebook page.

They feature locations that followers can fall in love with and book for their next trip. The company promotes its user engagement by asking and answering questions.

Airbnb also uses its Facebook audience for their retargeting campaigns. They offered users great deals to potential vacation spots visitors searched.

Facebook should be a pillar of your marketing strategy no matter the size of your company. It’s important to develop a tailored campaign that fits your services and audience.

Focus on content and engaging with your followers to increase your brand awareness and sales. You may even consider hiring a top local SEO company to optimize your content and connect with your audience. 

  1. Girl Scouts

You might know the Girl Scouts for their amazing cookies we look forward to every year. Believe it or not, this non-profit used Twitter to increase their cookie sales. Their team noticed that consumers had trouble finding their nearest cookie booths.

So they created a Girl Scout Cookie Finder App and featured a cookie booth search on their website. The organization ran a Twitter campaign featuring an App card showing their cookies to get customers to download the app. Their app downloads and conversions skyrocketed.

App cards offer a great opportunity for users to get a glimpse of what the app offers. These cards also give them an option to download the app right from Twitter. If you develop an app for your business, you should consider using Twitter to boost your app installs and brand awareness. 

  1. Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile is a smart-device game developer. This company is famous for games such as Zombie Defense, Deer Hunter, and Gun Bros. Glu wanted to increase their app installations.

The game developer chose to use Instagram to increase the installations of their game Diner Dash. Glu Mobile partnered with ReFUEL4 to create an Instagram ad campaign to target foodies. The creative featured a chef and some items from the game coupled with a catchy Call-To-Action and an Install Now button.

You may be focusing on marketing on Facebook or Twitter, but Instagram can help you expand your reach. The key to a successful Instagram campaign is using an attention-grabbing visual paired with a concise and clear Call-to-Action to bring their intent home. 

  1. TechCrunch

Posting on your social media pages isn’t the only way to grab your audience’s attention. TechCrunch harnessed the power of Facebook Chatbot Marketing. This company is an online tech publication.

When users visit their Facebook page, they can send a message and opt-in to receive messages from TechCrunch. This publication sends digests of their articles to their subscribers. This strategy will allow them to increase their number of readers and traffic.

However, TechCrunch is only one example of using chatbots. Businesses big and small should harness the power of this feature. You can use chatbots to offer customer service, schedule appointments, answer common questions, among other services. 

  1. Casper

Most of the other stories we’re featuring only focus on using one social media platform. Casper sells sleep products online. The company implements cross-channel marketing to expand their reach.

This strategy refers to brands with a presence on several social media platforms. Casper shares content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and even Spotify. The company has its own sleep channel on YouTube and Spotify.

They share every episode on these platforms and IGTV. The company posts a teaser of each episode on their social media pages to gain more followers on their other profiles by cross-promoting their content.

While implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy may be time-consuming, it’s a great technique to grow your following and expand your brand awareness. Keep in mind that experts found 77% of consumers would buy from brands they follow on social media. Reaching a wider and diverse audience can help you skyrocket your sales in no time. 

Can Your Social Media Campaign Become the Next Success Story?

Your next social campaign can become the next success story. It may even surpass the results from our featured stories.

The best approach implements strategies that fit your audience. Try to find a balance between sharing engaging content and running campaigns that connect with your followers.

You should also consider implementing a cross-channel marketing approach even if you only share content on 2 platforms. Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter campaign. Develop an attention-grabbing social media campaign to take your brand to the next level.

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