A Team of NMIMS STME Indore Students Develops ‘Sehat Sathi’: The Latest Innovation in Healthcare& Medicine Management

Indore, 18 2023: In a monumental achievement, a team of three talented B Tech (Computer Engineering ) students of NMIMS Indore, Riyanshi Bariya, Vandita Pathak, and Shalom Ram, have developed a healthcare device, ‘Sehat Sathi: A Smart and Automated Medication Dispenser’, in partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST)-Government of India, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Chamber of Industrial & Commercial Undertakings (CICU), DST-Centre for Policy Research at Punjab University, and the Punjab State Council for Science & Technology.

The team of students developed the idea through their personal experiences and observations, identifying the growing issue of medical non-compliance among the elderly, at times even leading to severe cases of hospitalisation and emergency attention. The students wanted to provide a solution to this problem prevailing in the society. After extensive research and brainstorming, they developed the idea behind ‘Sehat Sathi, leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet of Things(IoT) and ArtificialIntelligence (AI) in a cost-effective manner.

The innovative Sehat Sathi is a smart medical dispenser with compartments for each day of the week, equipped with an IR sensor. It can be operated through a mobile application. The device solves the problem of medical non-compliance throughreal-time tracking technology that tracks whether medications have been taken on time. If the patients miss their medication, the device communicates via the mobile application, which in turn sends a notification to users asking them to take their medication. Furthermore, Sehat Sathi provides remote monitoring for caregivers, making it a valuable tool for improving medication adherence and patient outcomes.

The conceptualization and development of Sehat Sethi came with several challenges, such as seamless integration of the hardware and software elements of the technology. The integration required knowledge and proficiency in hardware development. At the same time, the team was required to manage the project with their academic exams. To overcome the obstacles, the team sought help from and was ably mentored by the eminent faculty at NMIMS STME Indore. They ably guided them in effectively managing their time and learning the required technical skills.

The team has presented a functional prototype of their deviceto international delegates and prospective investors at the ‘International Conference on Industry-Focused Research ‘receiving encouragement and appreciation from the attendees. They even got an opportunity to sign an exclusive agreement that will make ‘Sehat Sathi’ available for everyone to use.

B Tech (Computer Engineering) student of NMIMS Indore said, “The success of the project is a spirit of teamwork and the constant support and guidance from NMIMS STME Indore faculty throughout their journey. Welook forward to making the technology more efficient and user-friendly by further development and refinement of systems. We also wish to explore more opportunities to partner and collaborate with leading organisations and prospective investors to make Sehat Sathi available to a broader audience, including healthcare providers, caregivers, and individuals who require medication management solutions.

Congratulating the SehatSathi team Dr.Munendra Jain, Associate Professor, NMIMS, School of Technology Management & Engineering, Indore, said, “NMIMS STME Indore congratulates the team of brilliant students for the development of Sehat Sathi, which has the potential to transform the medical sector and welcomes the signing of the special agreement. The success of the Sehat Sathi project is a testament to the thriving spirit of innovation and collaboration, present at the NMIMS STME Indore campus, and the potential for technology to drive positive change in various industries, particularly healthcare.”