Campus 365: The Best Schooling Partner for your School

Mayank Singh, Co- Founder & CEO, Campus 365

New Delhi, February 2022: Growing up amid the pandemic is just one of the many challenges that today’s students are faced with. Students, families and administration must work together to ensure that time and work management is one less burden on the already hectic lives of students. The trio Mayank Singh, Sandeep Verma & Shashank Trivedi understood the plight of students, saw the holes in the foundation, and sought to fix it and they decided to start Campus 365 together in order to make the learning process easier for students. In 2021, their efforts were recognized and backed by investors, due to which Campus 365 raised INR 2.15 crores in seed funding. Campus 365 has been quickly growing to be the choice for everyone involved in education.

Campus 365 is an all-encompassing Schooling Partner that has taken the strides made in the new-age tech space and used it to transform rituals followed by schools. With an all-in-one approach to management- students, educators, and administration alike will no longer have to sign into multiple systems as Campus 365’s software is the one-stop-shop for all management needs. Campus 365 covers student finances, tracks progress in classes, management expenses, and so much more, and has found ways to keep the concerned members in the loop.

Campus 365 Banner

When it comes to managing the school management system and pairing it with student and teachers’ necessities, there’s a lot to juggle. But Campus 365 provides guided walk-throughs to the concerned members, provides instant messaging updates, scholarship guides, tracks not just student classes and progress but also helps track mental health and burnout, and a lot of nifty features that make the software a cut above the rest. School ERP systems are the need of the hour, with a future so uncertain, it helps provide structure to school from the very root.

Mayank Singh, Co- Founder & CEO of Campus 365 said, “Campus 365 is a product of empathy for every single individual who is involved in the schooling process. We bring every student’s requirement under one roof so they never have to undergo the hassle of tracking on multiple websites. Our commitment to maintaining the best services is so that everyone who has been working hard in the schooling system will have fewer worries and focus on what matters most- education.”

It is catered towards tracking students from kindergarten to Grade 12. They’ve been accoladed with multiple awards, some of them being the CB Insights Top 10 Hottest Start-ups (2017), IAMA Awards Best Education Website (2018), Edtech Global Awards Top 20 Start-ups (2019), and many more.