Escrito DelOso’s New Book The Gentle Art of Denial

Escrito DelOso’s New Book The Gentle Art of Denial

New York, NY, March 01, 2024 — Fulton Books author Escrito DelOso has completed his most recent book, “The Gentle Art of Denial”: a powerful self-help guide to navigating the negatives in one’s life and learning how to turn them into positive and self-affirming opportunities to grow into their best self.

DelOso shares, “A perfect travel companion, likewise naturally at home in any bathroom, reception area, or on a coffee table, ‘The Gentle Art of Denial’ is meant to be read in one sitting. Then digested, contemplated, integrated, and then read again and again.

“A wonderful study of the ancient hermetic principle of polarity, those with eyes to see will also come to understand its practical application within the principles of rhythm and neutralization as well.

“At the very least, it is sure to make you smile and maybe even laugh a little. So find your favorite pair of brown socks and then read, enjoy, reread, and repeat!”

Published by Fulton Books, Escrito DelOso’s book is the first entry in the author’s planned “Art Trilogy” and will help readers gain a new, profound perspective of not only themselves but the world around them.