Institute of Risk Management (IRM) announces results for the December 2022 Level- 2 IRMCert Examination in India

National, 07 February 2023: The Institute of Risk Management has announced the results of the December 2022 Level-2 examination in India.

The institute has awarded the IRMCert designation to successful candidates who have successfully passed the International Certificates in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Financial Services Risk Management. Tashi, IRMCert, AVP – Portfolio & Risk Management at NuVenture International Limited – scored 68 for the Principles of Risk Management (PRRM)  – MOD 1 and scored 75 for the Practice of Risk Management (PORM)  – MOD 2 for the ERM option. Overall on the ERM elective, Tashi secured a place amongst the top 10 globally ranked students (by average pass mark for both Module 1: Principles of Risk and Risk Management and Module 2: Practice of Risk Management)

IRM, headquartered in the UK, is the world’s leading professional body in Enterprise Risk Management and has been driving excellence for over 35 years, across 143 countries.

Speaking on this, Tashi, IRMCert, AVP – Portfolio & Risk Management at NuVenture International Limited – said “My risk management journey started with trying to understand the process of setting up a risk management structure for my organization and how to be risk resilient. The IRMCert designation has helped me gain a more in-depth knowledge of the concepts and applications of risk management. I found the real-world case studies and additional reading materials very informative and interesting. It is very helpful in the day-to-day application in my role as a risk manager giving me the confidence to be initiated in strategic conversations. IRM provides multiple resources to study for the exam and the course content is structured very well in the online learning platform, Moodle. While studying and working together can be very challenging, the journey is very well supported by the guidance provided by the module coaches. I am also very thankful to my organization for providing me with the support and opportunity to pursue risk management. I would highly recommend the IRM designation if you are interested in building a resilient future for your businesses, organization, and economy. Along with the knowledge, the designation also provides you with access to the risk management community and an opportunity to learn from experienced risk professionals”.

Congratulating the rank holders, Hersh Shah, CEO, of the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), India Affiliate, said “Best wishes to all those have passed the global Level-2 ERM International Certificate in ERM. We are proud to welcome this new cohort to our growing community of risk-intelligent experts. At a time when disaster risk, climate change, and sustainability are being discussed as part of the G20, I urge our alumni members to work collectively towards nation-building and shaping risk cultures in organizations. We’re committed to expanding IRM’s global enterprise risk management community with the highest standards of risk education and knowledge”.

Sunder Natarajan, Chief Risk Officer (CRO), IndiaFirst Life Insurance and Certified Fellow (Level 5) of the Institute said “ERM has become the need of the hour for every business. The IRM designations in ERM demonstrate one’s proficiency in managing in enterprise-wide risks and it is heartening to see so many students and professionals earning their certified status. I welcome all those who have passed the exams to our community and wish them luck for the future Levels”.

The current era of global crisis owing to the geo-political tensions, energy security, and inflation have made risk management an integral part of every organization. To deal with such situations, organizations need to build a robust risk resilience ecosystem. Thus, the goal is to develop a broad and deep understanding of risk management among young professionals. This will enable them to add value to their respective organizations.