International Literacy Day 2022: Brands promoting student literacy in India


Every year September 8 is observed as International Literacy Day (ILD) with an aim to raise awareness about literacy problems that exist globally. Founded by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1967, ILD is celebrated to “remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights, and to advance the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society.”

This year ILD is being observed with the theme, “Transforming Literacy Learning Spaces” in the wake of the pandemic that shut down schools and impacted children drastically. The pandemic led to the boom of Ed-Tech and innovation where several leading brands funded education CSR projects to support education for all. This International Literacy Day let’s take a look at some of these brands that are transforming education for children in India. Reliance Industries Limited: Reliance has been at the forefront of providing quality education to children in India. With the belief that education and skill development are the cornerstones of a progressive society, Reliance aims at providing quality education, skill enhancement and training to improve the quality of livelihood and secure the future of the students. The company promotes primary and secondary education for all and provides varied scholarships for higher education in India. To secure students’ future growth Reliance also collaborates with universities to promote skill development so that the upcoming talent
remains industry relevant in today’s ever-evolving high-tech environment.

Samsung: One of the leading consumer durables brands, Samsung India aims to empower youth with education and technology. The company offers Samsung Smart Class in several Navodaya Vidyalaya across India’s hinterlands. Under Samsung Smart Class, the company provides the latest audio-visual tools such as Samsung Tablets, Printers, Smart Board etc. to create a more interactive learning environment. With the latest technologies, Samsung empowers students to learn complicated concepts on Mathematics, English and Science easily. These schools have been established across the country with an aim to provide hands-on industry training.

ITC Limited: With an aim to address the issue of lack of quality primary education in rural India, ITC India has established Primary Education Programme. The programme is aimed at strengthening the government primary schools vast network by stemming drop-outs, increasing enrolments and improving learning outcomes. Focused on providing equal opportunities to the children from the weaker sections of society, ITC provides infrastructure support to primary schools comprising boundary walls, additional classrooms, sanitation units, and furniture as part of the programme.

mPokket: In order to achieve its vision of empowering youth of India, mPokket offers scholarships to college students online without any hassle of paperwork. Simply download the mPokket application and apply for the scholarship program with your education details and family income status. Support them with a recommendation letter from your faculty, printed on your college letterhead with a signature and institution stamp. Once your scholarship request is approved, the amount gets credited to your bank account.

Jindal Steel & Power Limited: India’s leading steel and power conglomerate, Jindal Steel and Power Limited recognizes education as one of the building blocks of any nation. The company has undertaken several initiatives in the field of education like establishing a global university. With initiatives like these, the company aims to nurture young minds and empower them to contribute to the nation’s development.