LSAC Global launches more than 50 scholarships for law aspirants taking the LSAT—India in 2022

LSAC Global

New Delhi: LSAC Global – the Indian subsidiary of the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) has announced that it will award 53 merit scholarships and 3 Essay scholarships for students who take the LSAT—India 2022, which is to be administered in January and May 2022.

For the fourth consecutive year, LSAC Global will award the Topper Scholarships to those students who achieve high scores in the LSAT—India this year. In order to provide law aspirants an opportunity to fulfil their dream of a career in law, this year LSAC Global has increased the number of scholarships for the high scorers of LSAT-India 2022 exam, who seek admission into various law Programmes at an LSAC Law Alliance college.

The Top 50 LSAT—India scorers who wish to take admission into the Under-Graduate Programme at an LSAC Global Law Alliance college shall be eligible to receive 50 scholarships amounting to:

a) Topper: INR 2 Lacs only

b) Second highest scorer: INR 1 Lac only

c) Third highest scorer: INR 1 Lac only

d) Fourth and fifth highest scorer: INR 50,000 each

e) Sixth – twenty fifth highest scorer: INR 25,000 each

f) Twenty fifth – fiftieth highest scorer: INR 15,000 each

Additionally, the top 3 LSAT—India scorers, who wish to take admission into the Post-graduate programme will be eligible to receive three scholarships amounting to:

a) Topper : INR 2 Lakhs only

b) Second highest scorer: INR 1 Lakh only

c) Third highest scorer: INR 1 Lakh only

The Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Scholarship instituted by LSAC Global in 2019 to honours the memory of the visionary and influential lawyer – Professor Dr. Shamnad Basheer. Professor Basheer initiated ground-breaking efforts to increase diversity in the legal profession by establishing Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA), a non-profit organization that empowers underrepresented and marginalized groups in India by providing them access to quality legal education.

The Shamnad Basheer Access to Justice Scholarship is based on an essay competition. This year’s topic is “The impact of Social Media – Is it promoting inclusivity or widening the gap?”. Students need to write an essay arguing for or against the topic and send in their entry by 06 May, 2022 at The essay competition is applicable only for LSAT—India candidates applying to a full-time five year law programme at a LSAC Global Law Alliance College.

Each essay will be judged based on originality, relevance to topic, comprehensiveness, structure, analysis, understanding, interpretation and conclusions regarding diversity in the legal profession. The esteemed judges would be drawn from the legal fraternity represented by law practitioners, academia and policy makers.

The winners of the essay competition will receive three scholarships amounting to a maximum of specified amount as:

a) Winner: INR 2 Lacs only

b) First runner up: INR 1 Lac only

c) Second runner up: INR 1 Lac only

The scholarships would cover the tuition and boarding / hostel fees for the first year of a five-year law program at any LSAC Global Law Alliance college. For more information, terms and conditions of these scholarships, please visit

In addition to these scholarships, LSAC Global Law Alliance Colleges individually offer exclusive scholarships to LSAT—India takers taking admissions into their respective colleges, thus easing out some of the financial pressure off the students in pursuing a career in law.

Yusuf Abdul-Kareem, Vice President of Emerging Markets at LSAC said, “Enrolling in a law school is a significant investment. The scholarships is a way to ensure that law aspirants pursue their dream career in law without any external hindrance. Through these scholarships, LSAC Global looks forward to opening doors and providing increased opportunities for talented students and law school aspirants in India, thus carrying on our mission to promote diversity, access, and equity in legal education.”