Online ‘Arithmetic Genius Contest’ with an objective to improve arithmetic skills of kids, during primary classes

Arithmetic Genius Contest held in the past

Hyderabad: SIP Academy, India’s biggest skill development organisation announced India’s biggest online Arithmetic Contest 2020, ‘Arithmetic Genius Contest’ for students from across India of Classes II, III and IV. The key objective of this contest is to improve the arithmetic skills of the children, especially during primary classes.

Maths is important. It is tough. It can be fun too. It is an opportunity to do different things constructively at home, by competing online, gain experience, confidence and improve. The basic calculations we make in everyday life: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be fun. Arithmetic Skill is one of the crucial skills that is vital for academic and career success. We are happy to present an opportunity for young children to build a solid foundation in the basics of Arithmetic and win early recognition for their talents.

The recent National Education Policy NEP 2020 under “Literacy and Numeracy” states that “By 2025, every student in Grade 5 and beyond has achieved foundational literacy and numeracy”.

“The ability to read and write, and to perform basic operations with numbers, is a necessary foundation and indispensable prerequisite for all future school and lifelong learning.”

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, billions of people are being asked to stay home. According to UNESCO, the education of nearly 1.6 billion pupils in 190 countries has so far been affected – that’s 90% of the world’s school-age children. So many children are out of school for so long. And there are still no definite plans for opening the schools. Whatever the few schools reopened are also being shut amidst the impending Second Wave as being talked about by experts.

Kids are bored at home with unending online classes. It’s important to stay safe indoors – but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time. They can participate in the Arithmetic Genius Contest. There is NO ENTRY FEE it is absorbed by SIP Academy. This is Season 5 of this unique contest and for the first time, we are conducting it entirely ONLINE! informed Uma Swaminathan, Regional Manager of SIP academy.

Interested may click here on this WEB link to register

Giving more details Uma said, it will have 3 rounds.

1st Round is the Preliminary Round – All the children can participate by registering at the provided link.

2nd Round is the State/Regional Round. Toppers from Round 1 will be promoted to Round 2 where they compete with the top minds in their respective state or region

3rd Round is the National-level Finals. Where, children winning in Round 2 compete for Winner status in a national forum.

What students get?

Cash Award + Trophy for the Champion – 25000/- at National Level & 10000/- at State Level.

Cash Award + Trophy for First Runner Up – 15000/- at National Level & 7000/- at State Level.

Cash Award + Trophy for Second Runner Up – 10000/- at National Level & 5000/- at State Level.

All the Winners of Round 1 will get a medal and special appreciation certificate. Participation e-certificate will be given to all the Children who participate.

Participation is free, What is that children lose, nothing. In fact the exposure they gain is tremendous. And the deserving may win prizes and national recognition.

Maths is no way less than any sport. Mind Sport is considered as a new genre of sports by many developed countries, says Dinesh Victor, MD of SIP Academy, who has been a champion of the skill development movement in Children in India. Hyderabad’s own boy recently won the first-ever gold for India in the Mental Calculation World Championship at Mind Sports Olympiad in London said Mind Sports must be promoted well.

Mind sport is a game of skill where the players compete based on their intellectual ability as opposed to physical exercise. India has this talent abundantly. If this talent is honed well, India can prove its supremacy in this in the world, shared Dinesh

Mind sports are seen as a new mantra to develop the intellectual potential of the child by many educationists, parents. It is considered and defined as a genre of sports by many developed countries. But, we haven’t done much in this. -‘Arithmetic Genius Contest’ is a small beginning towards that big goal for the country. People from all over India are looking to Hyderabad as a hub for mind sport as this state has abundant talent in chess and recently produced the fastest human calculator.

Arithmetic Genius Contest tests the mental strength and mettle of participants. Mind sports are becoming popular in upwardly mobile households. Many experts, educationists, particularly parents are awakening to the dangers of their children becoming addicted to digital screens and devices and we want kids to explore Mind Sport as a good and constructive engaging activity which will contribute to their intellectual potential, Dinesh Victor added.

The benefits of the Arithmetic Genius Contest are plenty. The rote-centric Indian learning system stimulates both parts of the brain. Several competent researchers highlighted that engaging young minds improve the cognitive, physical and psychological health of children. It will help them beat stress, engagement mind productively. It boosts kids self-confidence. They will develop problem-solving analytical and critical thinking skills which are most sought in the current pandemic period shared Dinesh

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