Podar Jumbo Kids Plus Offers A Box Full Of Surprises To Its Students Through Children’s Day Carnival

Podar World School -3

Jaipur– Podar Jumbo Kids Plus Jaipur, known for creating optimal environments for the development and growth of children through education and allied activities organized the Children’s Day Carnival in their 3-acre lush garden at C Scheme. The Carnival witnessed various children-centric activities that help them boost their creativity and exposed them to the values of being responsible citizens through ‘Waste To Wealth Workshops’. Apart from this, other activities held were Plantation Drives, Zumba for Kids, Story Telling, Mandala Art, Nutrition workshops, and more.

Mr. Raghav Podar, Chairman, Podar Education said, “Podar Jumbo Kids has been constantly looking at initiatives that drive the creative excellence of children. We try to explore new ways through which our children get exposure and learn what is being taught in the top schools across the world. The Children’s Day Carnival is an effort to get together students through various activities and work cohesively as teams. The activities have been carefully handpicked to allow children to learn heuristically.”