Students of Orchids The International School visit Karnataka Legislative Council

Bengaluru, May 28, 2024: A group of students from Orchids The International School, Sahakar Nagar campus had the unique opportunity to visit the iconic Vidhan Soudha, the majestic seat of the Karnataka state legislature recently. This immersive educational experience provided the students with a comprehensive understanding of the legislative process and the functioning of the state government.

Students of Orchids The International School @Vidhanasoudha

The students were welcomed by the esteemed Secretary of the Legislative Council, Mr. R.K. Joshi, who graciously guided them through the intricate workings of the legislative body. In an engaging session, Mr. Joshi shed light on the hierarchy of the government, the process of introducing and passing bills, and the crucial role played by the legislative council in upholding the rule of law. Students also explored the Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha), admiring its green-themed decor and symbolic designs, emphasizing equality and democracy.

Speaking about the field trip Nancy Syntika, Principal of Orchids International School, Sahakar Nagar campus, said “This visit to the Vidhan Soudha has not only enriched our students understanding of civics but has also instilled in them a deep appreciation for the democratic processes that govern our nation. At Orchids The International School, we believe in providing our students with real-world learning experiences that transcend the boundaries of classrooms.”

The visit concluded with a meeting with the Honorable Basavaraj Shuvalingappa Horatti, offering students a glimpse into his extensive legislative experience. The students expressed gratitude for the enriching experience and real-life insights into governance and lawmaking.

This educational excursion not only broadened the students’ understanding of civics but also underscored the school’s commitment to experiential learning