The best career opportunities for business administration graduates in 2021

P C Chhabra, Executive Director, Sanskriti University
P C Chhabra, Executive Director, Sanskriti University

– P C Chhabra, Executive Director, Sanskriti University.

The unpredictable situation may block the many paths in career but it has also created a new journey of exploration in business administration career for new graduates.

The competitive exam for business administration will occur in November as per the given notification of CAT,(Common Admission Test) students appearing for this exam for the first time have many questions arising in their minds. The general doubts which every student may get are towards the course selection, job description, future scopes. It is found in research that maximum companies give vacancy which is related to business administration functions and look forward to hiring employees with graduates or postgraduates in business administration.

The post-graduation from business administration domain has become more demanding and that students passed out from different cores prefer pursuing it. According to data sources, admission taken in MBA programme are not only from business administration, but it sees more admission from engineering, science as well as commerce students. The reason behind this demand is found companies give preferences to business degree earners due to their skillset during their studies over other degrees.

Immense opportunity in the field of business administration is open for graduates in many ways with a good salary package whether corporate or government sector. The various opportunities for pursuing business administration degree holders are as follows:

Marketing Manager

The jobs for a marketing manager are for those who come from business administration or marketing subject as their elective options, the key responsibility includes strategizing and management of the marketing, promotional and advertising processes. Language and communication skills play an important role while applying for this position. The marketing manager is responsible for marketing and expanding the business using specific skills, plans, budget, and research.

Human Resource Manager

The most important job role for every company is an HR Manager responsible for workforce administration such as recruiting new employees, payroll, training, counseling, strategic planning, etc. Nowadays, students prefer human resources as their subjects due to much demand in the market and industry hires this position from every corner of the world. If anyone is looking to make a career in this field, he/she can go for this job role with a greater understanding level as they have a task to manage the administration roles, human resources function like employee recruitment, selection, industrial relation, compensation, and processing payrolls.

Business Consultant

For expanding any business at the upper level there is a requirement of a consultant who can guide the company towards growth and expanding the venture, therefore there is a post of business development or consultant for this responsibility. Companies with a small budget/high budget/MNC/ SME, every company require a business consultant with a focused plan to expand their business. They are responsible for preparing the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. They focus on growth through small expenditure and increased revenue, advising managers for organizational changes in the business model for economic growth.

Business Analyst

The job role of business analysts is to give an analysis of their research and deliverables for any project assigned, breaking down the work into subsequently smaller and smaller pieces through tools and technique. There are different projects which involve analysis for successful implementation by utilizing feasibility study, software package selection, process improvement, etc. This job involves the basic knowledge of data, excel, and some IT related technical aspects. The package for this position is good and is mostly preferred by MBA graduates.

Public Relation Manager

Communication skills are the most preferable skills while applying for public relations, the basic knowledge of content writing is needed for composing the press release which is the most important thing in the Public relations sector. The major role which is performed by the PR manager is maintaining the relationship with media as well as clients, branding the work in the market. Developing the habit of reading newspapers is crucial for understanding the depth of public relations, therefore writing skills along with communication skills will make growth in this field. There are many interesting things which candidates will get while working for this job role such as event management, conferences, launches, etc. as a part of work.