These Platforms are easing the education financing an easy approach in difficult times

These Platforms are easing the education financing an easy approach in difficult times

The availability of digital infrastructure today is enabling Indian education institutes to provide remote education to students irrespective of their location However, the biggest roadblock in the sector’s growth has been the availability of financial support to provide this digital infrastructure and financial help.

Several lending platforms — by leveraging their cutting-edge tech-driven approaches — including AI, data analytics, and tailor-made financial instruments have created a difference in this area. In this tech-savvy world, there is an imperative need to lubricate the financial system for the betterment of the citizens. In such a scenario, there are few lending institutions, which are helping parents & schools to avail loans for seamless education.

Indian School Finance Company – An NBFC, enhancing the development of schools and colleges through their loan providing capacities. Since the education sector is one of the fastest growing sectors and the preferred choice of parents has been changed from government schools to private schools ISFC has been helping these private schools and colleges/ universities for developing their infrastructure and their entire space of education segment to impart better quality of education. They also help in all- round development of children by strengthening their educational institutions.ISFC provides loans without any tiring process having 22 branches in 13 States & funded 6,000 schools so far, still working on a larger basis to help schools/colleges grow bigger & better.

Studying abroad has always been on every student’s wishlist. However, not everyone is blessed with this opportunity but Leap, a learner-centredneobank, is providing easy and comfortable ways to fund your international education. One has not to dig into his/her family savings for going abroad for further studies. This loan covers student’s academic expenses, living expenses, provides international banking facilities, remittances, etc. Leap scholar is also launched by them for providing students with a digital platform for their counselling.It has online classes assisting lakhs of registered members and monthly active users. This year they are also aiming to serve many more students than the previous years.

Avanse – India’s leading student-centric finance services which aims to promote growth of students who pursue to study abroad by providing them loans. It’s a modern education-focused mission designed to provide seamless financing to every deserving candidate. Avanse was established in 2013 and till now it has strengthened its position in being the leader of creating solutions for educational loans either for schools, colleges or educational infrastructure. Their loans are divided into a broad variety: loans for higher education in India, loans for higher education outside India, loans for e-learning,loans for school fee- financing & loans for vocational services,etc. Not only has avanse fulfilled the dreams of many students but also it has brought development in quality education in India.

Varthana – Founded in 2013, Varthana financial services is a platform designed to accelerate the growth of private schools in low-income communities.Loans and support are provided to the schools which are often not considered as established schools with all the facilities equipped. It helps education entrepreneurs who are urged to work hard for developing their schools to provide education to the students of their society. There are many people who work single-handedly or by forming a small group and start providing education in their neighbourhood but for establishing & expanding their schools they need financial funds to raise the quality of education. Varthana financial services are motivated to work specially for middle-class families.One can use the loans provided by them to increase the capacity of the school & promote a good environment for the best education.