“Not Gym, Happiness is my Fitness mantra” – Nyra Banerjee


Divya Drishti, StarPlus’ show has grabbed eyeballs because of its superlative content and a stellar star cast. Divya Drishti is a tale of two sisters Divya and Drishti who have the power to foresee the future and the ability to change it. Nyra Banerjee who plays the main lead Divya in the show is already a phenomenal actress, but what we don’t know is that, she is a Fitness lover too.

When asked her about how does she maintain her fit body in such erratic schedules, pat comes her reply “The kind of industry that we work in we don’t get much time to go to gym and maintain our body and health but that doesn’t mean to not workout at all. To maintain my health and fitness I wake up early in the morning with a positive mindset, dance for sometime and always try to stay happy be it whatsoever. I believe that staying happy and positive can actually cure most of your stress and problems and that automatically helps you remain fit and healthy. So not Gym but being happy is my only fitness mantra.”

So now you know the mantra to remain fit, is not just gym but by just being happy and positive and we hope you all follow this fitness mantra given by our stunning Bengali beauty.