Reval’s New Book, “‘Haff’ Breed,” is a Memoir About the Trials & Tribulations of a Mixed-Race Boy, Who Left at a Young Age, Later to Return to the Indian Reservation

Dulce, NM, January 13, 2023 –)– Fulton Books author Leon K Reval has completed his most recent book, “‘Haff’ Breed”: a gripping and potent memoir that shares the author’s journey traversing through the struggles of family dysfunction and the desire to leave his roots behind but later in life trying to reclaim what it means to be a Jicarilla Apache member.

Author Leon K Reval is a Native American tribal rights advocate, member of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, and former elected leader of the Nation’s Council. He has led many initiatives for the Nation—from asserting its sovereignty and protecting tribal assets, to better the general welfare of his people. In addition to being a dedicated father of three children, he is an accomplished public speaker and works tirelessly to advance Native American rights throughout the country.

Leon K Reval writes, “I don’t think I ever planned on sitting in a cubicle, in a building that I helped plan and strategize both funding and empowerment of designing and constructing, in my early fifties, making $11 an hour, wondering if I have become to jaded, cynical, or just a killjoy. I reflect daily now on my life and question if I had done enough, could have done something different, or even maybe I was deserving of phase 2 of my life, now unemployed, single, raising three children, and now that my middle son turned eighteen, fully responsible now that I had filed and received full guardianship of him.”

Published by Fulton Books, Leon K Reval’s book invites readers to follow along as Leon shares his journey, a snapshot of youth, and an in-depth attempt to return and serve as a local political representative and tribal council member. He shares his experience facing adversity, as he tries to promote out-of-the-box ideas, and new ways to enhance economic development, all for the benefit of his fellow tribal members now and well into the future. He quickly realizes that the hardships his community and tribe face are derived from those who were elected to protect and serve.

Leon finds himself at a personal and professional crossroads, now divorced, raising three children, and trying to prove that he is not a thief as labeled by his tribal council colleagues. Leon rises above the hardships, fighting every inch of the way.

As tribal councilman, Leon established himself as a local politician and helps generate hundreds of millions of dollars for the tribe, money that continues to benefit the tribe today.

Readers who wish to experience this compelling work can purchase “’Haff’ Breed” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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