Vaishali Kala Kendra (India) and Trinayan collective to organize “EK Prayaas”

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Vaishali Kala Kendra Noida and Trinayan collective, a USA-based Art and Culture Organisation is going to organize an online event “Ek Prayaas” to celebrate Navratri 2021 on 12th October from 7 pm & 9.30 am EST.

Vaishali kala kendra Noida(India) and Trinayan collectivewe organising an online event “Ek Prayaas” to celebrate Navratri 2021 on 12th October from 7 pm IST and 9.30 am EST.

Navratri or the ‘nine nights’ is that time of the year when you get the chance to experience deep rest. This deep rest brings freedom from all kinds of botherations, deep relaxation, and creativity. Devi represents cosmic Energy. The whole Creation is permeated by this Energy.

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Navratri is the time when this energy can be tapped. It’s time to feel your soul! Navratri celebration is a chance to soak in all this energy.

We are bringing all the generations of dancers together to celebrate the day with various performances like Odissi, Agomani, Garba. This will weave a story of dance transcending boundaries. The event will start with the devi bhajans to enlighten the evening.

Vaishali Kala Kendra

Institute organising the festival.

Vaishali Kala kendra is one of the leading institutes formed with a view of promoting Odissi dance/music. The institute is dedicated to propagating Odissi dance in the city where the awareness and popularity of this dance is now noticeable.

Date & Time
12th October 2021, 7:00 pm IST and 9.30 am EST onwards

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