Yaaro Ne Mere Vaste Singer is back with his new track

Rajeev Raja

The place that the song ‘Yaaron Ne Mere Vaaste’ has in all our hearts is just special. It describes friendship in the purest way with a unique twist. The singer Rajeev Raja who shot to fame with this song is back with yet another song ‘Nashe Ka Sahara’ to take the internet by storm. The video album was released today on youtube and other music streaming platforms. The beautiful lyrics are written by Deepak Sharma and the song is composed by Abhishek Bakhshi.

‘Nashe Ka Sahara’ is a song about betrayal. The song follows the story of a boy whose lover left him for another. How then after this incident he devotes his time to music and soon makes a name for himself in the industry. Heartbreak affects everyone differently and this incident proved to be a waking point for the boy. He works on himself and proves to be a talented rising artist. Over time, the hero who is now a famous personality meets his ex-girlfriend in a cafe where he is performing. Will she regret her decision?

“This song is a cry of a broken heart. Shooting in Himachal at extreme temperatures for the video was not a piece of cake but it was worth it. I remember we were shivering while shooting but the makers have portrayed it so well that the resultant just makes my heart soar.” said Rajeev Raja.

Rajeev Raja is a versatile Indian playback singer and live performer. He can sing Hindi, Pahari, Punjabi, and English equally well. He has done over 1500 live stage performances throughout India. He first came into limelight in 2008 when he won the title of ”Himachal Idol” and released his first audio album ” Tumne Rulaaya”. The talented singer made a special place in the hearts of music lovers with the most viral trending video ”Friends Anthem.” His other songs are – Yaaro Ne Mere Vaaste, Main Sharabi, Farishtey Narak Ke, Baalma Dandiya Anthem, Nasha Anthem, Pardesi, and many more.