GreenPro Capital Corp: The South Asian Company Leading the Global Digital Finance Revolution

GreenPro Capital Corp


The global fintech industry is highly saturated with many firms struggling to keep up with the fast-moving tides of the digital revolution. However, some companies have successfully owned the process and making giant strides – GreenPro Capital Corp is one of them.

Established in 2013, GreenPro Capital Corp. has cemented its status as one of the fastest growing professional corporate advisory entities in Asia.

Although the company operates primarily as an integrated corporate advisory service provider, it is also heavily invested cross-border public listing, asset protection & trust services, financial review and wealth management.

With its digitization mandate, GreenPro and its subsidiaries are poised to remove several bottlenecks that inhibit global access to financial services. This is part of their vision to open up the frontiers of the “global financial system, to millions of people, small businesses and large corporations in Southeast Asia and beyond.

“Working with GreenPro, we have been able to gain easy access to first-class investments and advisory services that were previously out of reach and prohibitively expensive” said Cedric Kuan, CEO/Founder of a Singaporean SME.

With its international Venture Capitalist operations, Greenpro has also made it possible for Investors to gain diversify their portfolio by investing in assets that are located beyond their shores of their home country. Thereby creating wealth for locals investors while providing much needed capital to various international companies. Conversely, Many Asian companies have benefited from funds secured from


International Reputation

Despite having established its influence in the South Asian finance industry for nearly a decade, the GreenPro team also has a strong foothold in the international space. With a team of seasoned industry professionals with decades of experience in dealing with both international and sub-regional matters.

Over the years, the company has continued to consolidate on the blooming international demand for its services by establishing offices around the globe. Greenpro currently has presence in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Thailand to serve its clients more efficiently.

Furthermore, In the year 2014, the Company was listed on the OTCQB of OTC Market in the United States. In June 2018, GreenPro successfully uplift from OTC Market to NASDAQ market stock code: GRNQ


Company GreenPro Capital Corp
Ticker GRNQ
Volume 213M (approx. as of August, 2021)
Market Cap $51 Million (approx. as of August, 2021)
Stock Market NASDAQ
Industry Corporate Advisory, Cross Border Listing, Merger and Acquisition, Fund Asset Management, Corporate Restructuring, Venture Capital.


Why Should You Invest in GreenPro Capital?


  1. Solid Asset Base

reenpro have established their status as one of the most successful Asian companies.

This means that beyond the optics and aesthetics of being one of Asia’s most prominent corporate advisory firms, the company has the potential to grow in intrinsic value over the next couple of years.

  1. Strategic Public Sector Partnerships

To further solidify its influence and expand growth frontiers, Greenpro has secured high profile partnerships in the private and public sectors.The company received an award for “Achievement and Contribution” in the Malaysian digital transformation, at the SME Association’s annual forum “Platinum Business Award 2020”.

One of the most recent Public-Private Partnerships is the Agreement with Brunei-led International Halal Trade Hub & Service (IHTHS) Corporation, commissioning Greenpro to establish a Digital Finance & Economic Zone. The agreement was signed under the aegis of the Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines – East ASEAN Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA), a sub-regional economic cooperation within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

This is a game changer deal with significant profit and growth opportunities not just within ASEAN but with potential to serve over 1.9 billion Shariah communities around the world.

These public sector partnerships in different countries across Asia is a testament to the company’s level of compliance and the reputation of its management.

  1. Diversified Investment Portfolio in the Digital Economy

Having made a name for itself in the traditional finance sector as GreenPro is fast establishing its influence in the digital finance economy as well.

Through its venture capitalist operations, GreenPro has over the years focused on diversifying its portfolio with acquisitions in the digital finance economy.

In 2021, the company intensified its digital transformation journey with an investment in strategic private sector firms in Asia and beyond. Some of the notable investments and private sector partnerships that GreenPro has secured in recent times include;

  • CryptosX

CryptosX is a Digital Assets Exchange that allows issuers to tokenize and investors to buy and sell digital assets. With Greenpro’s specialties in corporate finance advisory services, Greenpro believes it will be able to strategically develop and generate more business for CryptoSX. Other potential business relating to CryptoSX includes assisting issuers to securitize their assets, such as public company securities, real estate, art, antiques and other valuable assets.

  • Millennium Sapphire

Acquired in 2020 for US$4 million with the plan of transforming it from the traditional asset class into a digital asset class for easy evaluation and storage.

  • Ata Plus Sdn Bhd,

GreenPro acquired a 15% equity interest in the regulated crowdfunding digital platform registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

  • Innovest Energy Fund

A crypto focused investment fund with a focus of developing products and services for the cryptocurrency industry and economy.

  1. Undervalued Stock Price

Greenpro Capital Corp (GRNQ) stock is lower by -29.06% over the last 12 months. . That rank is mainly influenced by the meticulous analysis of the company Fundamental & Technical analysis score.

The stock price analysis of GRNQ also shows that the stock in on a sustained uptick over the last 3 months. This bullish stance was further reinforced as NASDAQ:GRNQ appeared in the investment portfolios of two leading Hedgefund’s (Citadel Investment Group and Paloma Partners) up 200% from the previous trading period.

  1. Industry Projections

While many Financial companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital revolution, GreenPro Group has come up with a Digital Transformation roadmap that ensures that the company remains relevant, viable and profitable for the foreseeable future. The newly released digital transformation roadmap recognizes the critical role played by digital finance in improving efficiency, reducing errors and accelerating financial processes. With a goal of achieving a digital economy by 2023.

According to industry observers, the digital finance industry is projected to have potential for exponential growth in the near future. Evidently, shares of GreenPro Capital (GRNQ) surged by over 70% in August 2021 after the financial services firm announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Silkwave Holdings to develop and operate a satellite network platform in Southeast Asia.

Most key metrics of technical and fundamental analysis indicate that the GreenPro stock is an attractive investment.

How You Can Invest in GreenPro

GreenPro is listed on NASDAQ under the ticker “GRNQ”. You click here to Invest Now!

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