5 Technologies Online Games Are Using in 2022

Online Games Are Using in 2022

The impact of technology on their daily lives cannot be overstated. From healthcare to home efficiency, energy efficiency, production and communication, modern technology has improved the quality of human lives. One aspect of our lives that sees constant growth and change with technology is gaming. With every new technological development, gaming at the top 10 online casino Australia becomes even better and more enjoyable.

Nowadays, players enjoy an immersive gaming experience playing in 3D worlds. From real money casinos in 2022 to other online games, gaming uses cutting-edge technologies. In this article, we will discuss five technologies that online games are using in 2022.

Cloud Gaming

One of the best technologies that are being utilised in the gaming world today is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming enables gamers to play online by streaming, eliminating the need for gaming hardware. It is no secret that gaming can be an expensive pastime as you need to constantly buy and upgrade consoles. With cloud gaming, all that is needed is super-fast internet and a smart TV or a portable streaming device, and you can play all your favourite games online. The way cloud gaming works, you simply have to connect to the cloud data online with the output displayed on your streaming device, allowing you to play seamlessly.

Cloud gaming is already being regarded as the future of gaming. Cloud gaming has two main benefits for players, which is cost-effectiveness and portability. By streaming games online, gamers get to save money that they regularly spend on consoles and gaming gadgets. Cloud gaming also offers gamers more portability, as you do not have to set up multiple gadgets in your space in order to play their best games. You can also play games on the go with handy devices when cloud gaming. With the development of 5G networks, cloud gaming will only get better.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

A discourse on current gaming technologies is not complete without highlighting virtual reality and augmented reality. Often abbreviated as VR and AR respectively, these technologies are changing the way that games are played. Virtual reality enables players to play games in a simulated environment with an immersive experience. Virtual reality games are played with headsets that immerse the players into the virtual world, thereby blurring the line between simulation and reality. This allows players to enjoy a truly exciting gaming experience that is unbeatable. Some of the popular gaming franchises that offer VR games include Grand Theft Auto and Minecraft.

Augmented reality gaming is a form of virtual reality gaming that involves superimposing a virtual environment on the real environment. This simply means that a virtual environment is created using your physical surroundings in order to create a realistic gaming experience. These games are usually played using mobile devices. The most popular AR game is Pokemon Go, a game that took the world by storm in 2016.

While both AR games and VR games make use of a virtual environment, they have a few differences. Virtual reality gaming is immersive in nature, with gamers needing to enter the virtual world. On the other hand, augmented reality gaming adapts the virtual world to the player’s physical environment. The hardware required for gaming is another difference between AR games and VR games. Augmented reality games can be played with only a smartphone, while virtual reality games are played with VR headsets.

Blockchain, NFTs and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology is another technology at the forefront of the gaming revolution. Blockchain is an integral part of gaming today through NFTs and cryptocurrency. Blockchain is a secure platform that stores decentralised data, making it a suitable medium for transactions involving digital assets like NFTs and cryptocurrency.

NFTs is the abbreviation for non-fungible tokens, which include digital assets such as memes, videos, images, avatars and other accessories. Today, NFTs are fixtures in some games allowing players to win and even trade some of these assets. After winning these items in games, players can enjoy the monetary games from them in the real world.

Cryptocurrency is a decentralised digital currency that uses blockchain technology as its database. Cryptocurrency is optimised for internet usage, making it a suitable medium for in-game transactions. For people that play at online casinos, cryptocurrency is the best form of currency as it is private and secure. Some of the benefits of cryptocurrency for players online are:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Fast speed

Apart from being used for deposits and withdrawals on online sites, cryptocurrencies are also an integral part of the “play-to-earn” wave that is ongoing in the gaming world. Players partake in games on a daily basis and earn cryptocurrency as a reward. The cryptocurrencies won can either be converted to other currencies or used for online transactions.

The Metaverse

The Metaverse can be described as the platform that ties all these technologies discussed above. The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where gamers can play games, socialise and interact. It is an immersive world that allows players to do much more than just play games. Being in the Metaverse, players can socialise, work, shop, trade and, of course, play games. Virtual music concerts and pop-ups have also been incorporated into the Metaverse. NFTs and cryptocurrencies are utilised for virtual trading in the Metaverse. Technologies such as artificial technology, virtual reality and augmented reality are also part of the Metaverse for a wholesome experience. The Metaverse is developing nicely, and the concept holds a lot of promise for the future.


Esports refers to the professionalisation of video games in order to give them important elements of live sports. Some of the elements added to video games include tournaments and leagues, an audience of people, games played in real stadiums, sponsors as well as professional Esports players. The development of Esports saw an unprecedented rise in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic that kept people indoors. The industry is developing, and the Esports space is poised to get even bigger in the second half of 2022.


With the development of even more groundbreaking technologies, the quality of gaming is expected to get even better. The gaming technologies popular in 2022 caters for the needs of players, giving them an immersive and exciting gaming experience. Portability and cost-effectiveness, as well as safety, are all guaranteed.

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