Gambling Games You Can Play at Home with Friends

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You’re at home with friends. All possible Netflix options have been exhausted, and it is now time to engage in a more interactive activity. You know that wagers make any pursuit more interesting, so why not up the excitement with gambling? You can simply enjoy betting games for fun, Jell-O shots, or even for ”dares.” The following five gambling games can be akin to a trip to the gambling hub, Vegas.


Do you know why many blackjack players think they have a winning strategy? That’s because the game’s rules are pretty straightforward, and the casino dealer will always hit on a soft 17. Honestly, blackjack should be more concise than it is. Still, players rarely focus so much on the dealer’s hand or their cards, perhaps because they have read some blog post or book on the game’s winning strategy. So, they are eager to double down. The game is as old as gambling, but its popularity has never waned.

Sports Betting

With online sports betting, you can access a global sportsbook from home unless your country doesn’t allow it. However, you can create a sportsbook at home by simply inviting your friends to watch sports events at your house. Create the odds, come with themed cocktails, and a prize for the most creative side bet. Baseball, hockey, football, and tennis are some of the games that easily lend themselves to win wagers.

Liar’s Dice

Whether behind doors, on the sidewalks, or at a night party, Liar’s Dice is a game that’s played virtually any place where bets switch hands. One good thing about this game is that you don’t need dozens of dice to play. You could ask your friends to come with their own or raid any of your board games in your home. Like poker, you only know your hand in this game; you don’t know what is in other players’ hands. That means your bets are based on what you think the opponents have or don’t have in their hands. It is Liar’s Dice because of the need for players to lie about their actual hands.

Jenga for Cash

Jenga is a game in which players pull wooden blocks from a tall, heavy tower in turns. In so doing, they try as much as possible not to collapse the structure. This game is for virtually everyone; even introverts get excited when the tower wobbles dangerously. As a bettor, you can place your money on side bets or bet on the ultimate outcome. You can also predict the number of blocks that will be pulled for the structure to collapse completely.


It is fun and straightforward. It is also a classic. If you have a card deck in your house, that’s enough to play the game. Multiple decks are even better. Here is the game’s premise; players get an equal share of the shuffled cards, hold their cards face down, and flip over their top cards until they find the winner. The player with the highest cards takes other players’ cards, and the gameplay continues until the entire deck finds itself in the hands of one player; the winner.

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