Aakash Healthcare Extends Medical Expertise in Rohtak with the launch of its Multi-Specialty OPD in the Region

Aakash Healthcare Extends Medical Expertise in Rohtak

The OPD has been launched in association with Sunflag Global Hospital

Rohtak, 7th October, 2021: Pioneering in providing the latest in healthcare services across Delhi NCR and North India, Aakash Healthcare, New Delhi has now extended its services at Rohtak with the launch of its Multi super-specialty OPD in association with city based Sunflag Global Hospital, Rohtak. Aimed at benefiting the residents of Rohtak and its neighboring areas the OPD services, starting from today, will be functional on every Thursday from 11 AM to 1 PM.

7th October 2021 between 11 am – 1 pm, and these OPD’s will allow an ease of access for the local for consultations pertaining to Cardiology, Oncology, Urology and Kidney related ailments. The OPD services were launched in the honorable presence of Dr Umesh Gupta, Director, Nephrology & KTP, Dr Abhay Kumar, Director, Cardiac Surgery, Dr Praveen Jain, Head, Medical Oncology and Dr Vikas Aggarwal, Director, Urology & KTP.

Highlighting the dire need for a dedicated OPD to address renal issues in the city, Dr Umesh Gupta, Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka, insisted on the importance of regular screening and keeping the kidneys healthy. He said, “With rising prevalence of diabetes and hypertension in the country, the incidence of kidney diseases is on a rise. Diabetes and hypertension remain the major causes of renal failure, but these are preventable to an extent with timely diagnosis followed by regular treatment. Regular health check-ups for screening of such conditions in the early phase are a must as this will not only help reduce the financial burden on the patient but also on the society, as a whole.”

Attributing to a plethora of reasons including poor lifestyle habits like smoking, binging on alcohol, poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, has led to patients with high cholesterol, hypertension and high blood sugar levels. While a person’s genetic disposition and family history remain the most common and uncontrollable risk factors, majority of heart diseases in the younger generation which is on the rise is due to excessive stress.

“Through the launch of this OPD services, we hope to raise awareness among the masses on the importance of early detection of heart problems and its treatment outcomes. In majority of the cases, heart problems are often neglected by the younger population until it causes distress. Cases being on rise, there is a dire need to sensitize the society to take necessary precautions to eliminate heart problems from becoming an epidemic. The main objective of setting up this OPD is to extend the best of services to the people of Rohtak in their vicinity.” said Dr Abhay Kumar, Director, Cardiac Surgery.

“Fighting against Cancer takes immense strength and determination from one’s end. Since early detection of such cancers can have favorable outcomes with respect to the advancements made in the field of oncology treatment, it is imperative to state that awareness plays a major role. Therefore, people need to be aware about the symptoms and ensure regular check-ups for early detection.” said Dr. Parveen Jain, Head, Medical Oncology.

The occurrence of kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (CKD) cases in the country are rapidly increasing due to various factors such as Diabetes, Uncontrolled Hypertension, Genetic conditions, Autoimmune diseases, drug or alcohol abuse and urinary tract infections. With ‘Kidney Transplant’ being the only end solution for such cases, it is imperative for patients and their families to understand various types of a kidney transplant surgical procedures as people are sceptical about their own well-being when they are asked to donate one kidney.

“Robot- assisted surgeries are currently revolutionizing the way surgeries are conducted across the globe. We need to understand that donating one kidney does not affect the physical abilities, quality of life or longevity of a person. We also remove donor kidney by laparoscopic methods so that donor have minimal discomfort and excellent cosmetic results.” said Dr Vikas Aggarwal, Director, Urology & KTP.

Dr. Aashish Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka said, “With the launch of the OPD services, patients across all age groups, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. can avail the best consultation and treatment in Rohtak and nearby regions, without the inconvenience of travelling to another city. Highly experienced and well qualified doctors from Aakash Healthcare have already created their own milestones and are now inclined towards serving the society for ensuring better health.”

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